Less than a week before the Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championship, Harry Nelson, has been replaced as coach duties at Charlemont High School.

Lamar Richards, who worked as Nelson’s assistant, has been elevated to coach the team at the March 25-29 championship.

The decision surprised Nelson.

“For the past two years under my leadership Charlemont had made steady progress in developing a track program,” said a disappointed Nelson.

He further said “this season the team has shown signs of growth and as such I am really surprised by the decision so close to the championship, but it’s the decision of the management of the team and I have to adhere to it.”

Nelson, however wish the team the very best at the upcoming championship.”

TrackAlerts.com reported last month that former 100-metre world record holder Asafa Powell, a past student of the school, assisted with training athletes.

That session took place at the National Stadium.


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