Asafa Powell has come in for praises from track & field fans for an answer he gave on Tuesday to one of several questions posed to him during his hearing into his positive test. Powell is giving evidence into his positive test for banned stimulant oxilofrine, which is contained in Epipphany D1.

The line of questioning started when Powell, who along with former training partner Sherone Simpson tested positive for the same stimulant oxilofrine, was asked by JADCO's lawyer Lackston Robinson if he was aware of the risk in taking supplements.

Powell replied, "there are risk in everything."

But the answer, which dominated the discussion on Trackalerts.Com's facebook page, came when Robinson asked if he was aware of the possibilities of mislabelling, Powell replied, "I didn't work at the factory so I would not know." 

Below are the list of comments from fans, in the order they were made on the facebook page.

Johnny Rock Starr "Smh"

Michael Edwards "Ok powie that was funny

Oswald Hutchinson "That's a leading question. How would Asafa know that the product in his possession could be mislabeled? Dumb question!"

Latoya Sweetie Queenie "Now seriously…Lol"

Andrew Alecia Batchelor "I'm gonna give asafa a 10/10 for that answer.

Shany-t Gillies Goodlike-that "lol… good answer…."

Berly So-Bless Kim "That was an awesome answer.

Venisa Webb "Sounds ignorant to me

Colin Reid "That was a great answer any other answer would be incriminating

Leon Porter "you could not have answer that question any better

Hermine Russell "That a good answer

Rennae Unruly Doll Barrino "mi love your answer safa dem a ask 

Iam Chloe "lool ah boi, good answer. like how hes suppose to know such thing.

Colin Steinbroner "He's a professional, he should take extra precautions by submitting the drugs to a lab and have them tested for banned substances before ingesting them.
"It's not like the list is a secret.
"A college athlete could get away with that answer ,maybe, but being one of the very best in the world with an immature answer like that is just lame.

Omar Julian Kerr "Wha duh dah man yah man Colin Steinbroner yute gun find another post fi comment on with yuh rubbish.

Wayne Hewitt "not the brightest of answers ….. come on safa … your career is on the line …. a simple NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE, or I DONT KNOW will work !!!!

Normandale Ferguson "Collin really? Tell which professional athlete get a medication from there trainer n submit to lab. Ur trainer n doctor inside ur camp know what's on the banned list; so taking to lab is really would not be in his thinking n moreover when u get a medication n u read the label or ingredient that's what u go by ain't it. Understand he should take precaution but be realistic about the whole thing. She tone did google her medicine n it was not found on the IAAF banned list; so these ppl did put an effort in protecting themselves; but something went wrong n I think the athletes play a part but IAAF also to be blamed for not having such substance on the list for the athletes to see it. Asafa answer sounds a bit rude n abrupt but isn't he correct; how would he know of mislabeling of products? Seems like u know.


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