Jemma Reekie Finishes Strong in Midpack at 5th Avenue Mile
Jemma Reekie Finishes Strong in Midpack at 5th Avenue Mile

Josh Kerr and Jemma Reekie led the field in a stunning display of road running at this year’s NYRR (New York Road Runners) 5th Avenue Mile. Kerr, representing the United Kingdom, set the pace in the men’s competition, while his compatriot Reekie dominated the women’s race.

 Josh Kerr won the Fifth Avenue mile in 3:47.9, leading a British one-two from George Mills (3:49.9), with New Zealand’s George Beamish third in 3:50.0. Jemma Reekie made it a Scottish double, regaining her title in the women’s race in 4:19.4 ahead of Ireland’s Sarah Healy (4:20.0) and Melissa Courtney-Bryant (4:20.6). 

The event saw a diverse range of competitors hailing from various countries, from established stars to emerging talents. The tightly contested races featured athletes from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, the United States, and many other countries, each vying for top honors. Below are the complete results for the women’s field, revealing the level of international competition and skill on display.

Adelle Tracey of Jamaica was the highest-placed finisher from North America, securing a fourth-place finish with a time of 04:22. Read more here

Below are the elite results from the 5th Avenue Mile

5th Avenue Mile Women’s Race Results

1Josh KerrGBR03:480:03:48
2George MillsGBR03:500:03:50
3Geordie BeamishNZL03:500:03:50
4Vincent CiatteiFLAGSTAFF AZ USA03:510:03:51
5Azeddine HabzFRA03:510:03:51
6Sam PrakelSEATTLE WA USA03:510:03:51
7Johnny GregorekTARRYTOWN NY USA03:520:03:52
8Kasey KnevelbaardFLAGSTAFF AZ USA03:520:03:52
9Cooper TeareEUGENE OR USA03:530:03:53
10Henry WynneSEATTLE WA USA03:530:03:53
11Amon KemboiKEN03:540:03:54
12Thomas RatcliffeBEAVERTON OR USA03:540:03:54
13Morgan BeadlescombANN ARBOR MI USA03:550:03:55
14Woody KincaidFLAGSTAFF AZ USA03:560:03:56
15Eric HoltCARMEL NY USA03:560:03:56
16James WestGBR03:580:03:58
17Olin HackerFLAGSTAFF AZ USA03:590:03:59
18Charles Philibert-ThiboutotCAN04:000:04:00
19Erik SowinskiARVADA CO USA04:020:04:02
20Anthony CalantoniEASTON PA USA04:140:04:14
21Jay SchairbaumBROOKLYN NY USA04:170:04:17
22Matt YoungNEW YORK NY USA04:180:04:18
23Dylan TarpeyNEW YORK NY USA04:180:04:18
25Corey MullinsBETHLEHEM PA USA04:200:04:20
29Haris KoljenovicMNE04:220:04:22
31Adriano BarillaITA04:220:04:22
33Souhail KandilPHILADELPHIA PA USA04:230:04:23
34Ben MatejkaNEW YORK NY USA04:230:04:23
36Connor StrynkowskiNEW YORK NY USA04:240:04:24
37Andrew HebertNEW YORK NY USA04:240:04:24
39William HuffmanNEW YORK NY USA04:240:04:24
42Valentin EmmanuelBROOKLYN NY USA04:250:04:25
43John ButlerNEW YORK NY USA04:250:04:25
44Emilien BouchabFRA04:250:04:25
46James GusmerBROOKLYN NY USA04:260:04:26
47Kyle WindlandWILLOW SPRING NC USA04:260:04:26
48Jason GreenSHELTER ISLAND NY USA04:260:04:26
49Edward WangNEW YORK NY USA04:270:04:27
50Chris ShiraziNEW YORK NY USA04:270:04:27
51Richard SzeligaHOBOKEN NJ USA04:280:04:28
53Geoff BarlettaLONG ISLAND CITY NY USA04:280:04:28
54Alfredo MazzucaASTORIA NY USA04:290:04:29
55Matthew WalkerWESTERLY RI USA04:290:04:29
56Matthew BaffutoNEW YORK NY USA04:290:04:29
57Tyler BayWOODHAVEN NY USA04:290:04:29
58Jose DonadoFLUSHING NY USA04:300:04:30
59Riley GrossmanDELMAR NY USA04:300:04:30
61Nathan ReedNEW YORK NY USA04:310:04:31
64Abelino AlatorreMEX04:310:04:31

5th Avenue Mile Women’s Race Results

1Jemma ReekieGBR04:200:04:20
2Sarah HealyIRL04:200:04:20
3Melissa Courtney-BryantGBR04:210:04:21
4Adelle TraceyJAM04:220:04:22
5Jessica HullAUS04:220:04:22
6Elinor St. PierreUSA04:240:04:24
7Nozomi TanakaJPN04:240:04:24
8Katie SnowdenGBR04:240:04:24
9Laura GalvanMEX04:240:04:24
10Dani JonesUSA04:250:04:25
11Carina ViljoenRSA04:280:04:28
12Kaela EdwardsUSA04:300:04:30
13Helen SchlachtenhaufenUSA04:310:04:31
14Susan EjoreKEN04:310:04:31
15Emily MackayUSA04:320:04:32
16Gaia SabbatiniITA04:330:04:33
17Vera HoffmannLUX04:340:04:34
18Regan YeeCAN04:360:04:36
19Courtney FrerichsUSA04:390:04:39
20Sarah ChandlerUSA04:510:04:51
21Stephanie BenkoUSA04:540:04:54
22Lyndsey AbtUSA04:550:04:55
23Melissa ReedUSA04:560:04:56
24Katie BeckCAN04:580:04:58
25Ellen FloodUSA04:590:04:59
26Courtney DeckerUSA05:000:05:00
27Melanie NussbaumerUSA05:000:05:00
28Mikie HarrisUSA05:010:05:01
29Anna Hope EmersonCAN05:020:05:02
30Abigail TaylorUSA05:020:05:02
31Erin MuirUSA05:030:05:03
32Sarah PillardUSA05:040:05:04
33Hanna JeromeUSA05:050:05:05
34Celestine CervantesUSA05:050:05:05
35Dana GiordanoUSA05:050:05:05
36Alexandra BrauerUSA05:050:05:05
37Laura BarrecaUSA05:060:05:06
38Carly DanoskiUSA05:060:05:06
39Sara KhiriUSA05:060:05:06
40Melissa SnobeckUSA05:070:05:07
41Ashley ChaseUSA05:070:05:07
42Jennifer St JeanUSA05:080:05:08
43Muriel LovshinCAN05:080:05:08
44Amanda GauthierUSA05:080:05:08
45Danielle AspitzUSA05:100:05:10
46Casey NelsonUSA05:100:05:10
47Nicolette ReillyUSA05:120:05:12
48Kelly GallagherUSA05:130:05:13
49Brittany OgunmokunNGR05:130:05:13
50Devon GenuaUSA05:130:05:13
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