Palio Città della Quercia - Oblique Seville runs 9.86 at JAAA Jubilee Series 2.1
Oblique Seville

Jamaicans Oblique Seville and Ackeem Blake dominated the men’s 100m dash at the 2023 Miramar Invitational on Saturday in Florida, USA.

Seville claimed first place with an impressive 9.91 seconds, leading a Jamaican 1-2 finish as Blake followed closely behind with 9.93 seconds.

Canada’s Aaron Brown took third place with a time of 9.97 seconds, while Ronnie Baker of the USA finished fourth with 9.98 seconds.

Reflecting on his victory, Seville said, “It was a great start to the season. 9.91 is a good start to the season. I just wanted to come here to see where I am in training.”

Men’s 100m final

  1. Oblique Seville (JAM) 9.91
  2. Ackeem Blake (JAM) 9.93
  3. Aaron Brown (CAN) 9.97
  4. Ronnie Baker (USA) 9.98
  5. Jerome Blake (CAN) 10.05
  6. Emmanuel Matadi (LBR) 10.2
  7. Kyree King (USA) 10.25 DNS. Andrew Hudson (JAM)

Shericka Jackson finishes 3rd in women’s 400m

In the women’s 400m, USA’s Shamier Little claimed first place with 50.73 seconds, defeating world 200m champion Shericka Jackson of Jamaica, who finished third with a time of 51.64 seconds.

Jamaican Charokee Young took second place with a time of 51.58 seconds.

Women’s 400m Final

  1. Shamier Little (USA) – 50.73
  2. Charokee Young (JAM) – 51.58
  3. Shericka Jackson (JAM) – 51.64
  4. Aliyah Abrams (GUY) – 51.65
  5. Janieve Russell (JAM) – 52.77
  6. Aiyanna Stiverne (CAN) – 54.01

The Miramar Invitational showcased an exciting day of competition, with Seville, Blake, and Little standing out as the top performers.


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