Ferdinand Omanyala wants Bolt's record
Ferdinand Omanyala Seeks to Smash His Own 100m Record in Nairobi

Ferdinand Omanyala, Africa’s fastest man, was given a car for his achievement and promised an even nicer one if he breaks Usain Bolt’s 100m world record of 9.58.

The 25-year-old, who started the season with a personal best of 10.32, moved up to eighth on the all-time world list with an African record of 9.77, achieved at Saturday’s (18 Sept) Kip Keino Classic in Kenya.

At the meeting, which brought the WACT gold series to a close, USA’s Trayvon Bromell took a hundredth from his world lead with a personal best 9.76 (+1.2m/s wind) to move to equal sixth on the all-time list.

Omanyala’s sponsor’s, gaming firm Odibets, presented him with a Toyota Harrier worth Sh100 million and plate KDE 977 for his exploits.

In handing over the car, Odibets’ General Manager Dedan Mungai spoke of the “challenges” Omanyala had moving around.
“We promise him a better car with the number plate 958 if he breaks Bolt’s record,” said Mungai.

Commenting on Bolt’s record, Omanyala said: “It’s all about dreams and living to achieve them.”
“I have realised that there is nothing impossible in this world if you commit yourself. It starts in the mind,” he added.

He said he will start with some indoor races in 2022 to polish his start for the outdoor season.

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  1. Records are meant to be broken and if he does it..so be it. I am rooting for him. Sometimes with age you gain more experience. He has to remain diligent in his efforts.

  2. Omanyala is God fearing, disciplined, decent and a family man..with that kind of combination on such a young athlete just expect surprises .I wish him all the best and may God equip him with enough skills to break that record.
    He will break it!
    Let’s go Kenya.

  3. With those shot legs of their, no!.. first of all they need an athlete who is fast but must also have long legs., That was Bolts advantage.

  4. These runners are running so fast these days it should be obvious to all that while they may not be using steroids, they have obviously come up with some kind of cocktail drug that is legal or cannot be detected yet

    • Isaac L Hood this is dumbest comment ever running has changed the strategies for running has improved coming out the blocks has changed keeping your head lower has changed running the corners or doing a turn over has changed give these athletes their credits it doesn’t matter where they are from they are fast

    • Isaac L Hood Better shoes , tracks , training , nutrition and athletics is more accessible. Before mostly Americans could afford these above in high quality but now you’ll start to see more people being given the opportunity naturally faster people will be found .

  5. Only thing he will more likely break is his legs trying to reach Bolts record, the man is a freak of nature. I still think if Bolt took this thing more seriously, you could have lowered 9.58. .the man doesn’t even look like he running full throttle. Everyone else feet look like cartoon wheels and he is just jogging and smiling.. 😳😳😆😆

  6. Not to sound like hater, but he is at his peak plus he doesn’t seem physically capable of doing that because he is short, how much faster does he need to propel his legs to make up what he lacks in stride to cover that distance in a shorter time? I ain’t no scientist, but he doesn’t have the physical attributes. Sorry.

  7. That car will mess you up they are not doing you any good giving you that car so give your mama the car and continue to run around you will only get better…..

  8. That is the same reason they took the girl from 400 trying to stop Jamaican achievements but wi got overdrive. Conspiracy theory since she is so much a man y! Not 800 2500 marathon? But love all hardworking competitors. But it’s ok for man to transform and run against women SMH conspiracy theory

  9. Come on !!!
    The guy starts his season with a personne best at 10,32 and finish his season with a 9,77 !! Lol !! 😂🤦
    Popeye’s provides him very good spinach 😂

  10. These runners are running so fast these days it should be obvious to all that while they may not be using steroids, they have obviously come up with some kind of cocktail drug that is legal or cannot be detected yet

  11. Stop putting all that pressure on the young brother ,the man that beat him in Africa not talking so much their are 5 Jamaicans that ran faster times that never came close to the world record

  12. Anything is possible. Just ensure when you attempt going after Usain Bolt record eat plenty yam and plantain no steroid. So just in case you break it you would get the respect and recognition honestly

  13. So many sprinters have run a 9.77 that the mere notion of him besting Bolt’s world record is an insult. If he were in the low 9.6’s I’d say yeah, he has a chance, but he’s NOT! This is all just good PR from his team.

  14. Yes possible but I not sure he can do it. He has to worry about beating good quality runners like Trayvon Bromell Christian Coleman …. The Olympic gold medal runner..and the america ex 400 meter runner. He has not beaten a top ten sprinter all year

  15. Nairobi Kenya is way higher than Berlin Germany where bolt broke the record. And the track at Nairobi is thicker than at Berlin which make you run faster . So I’m not sure he has it in him to run any faster than 9.75. He is 25 now and will be 26 . Bolt was 22 when he set it….

    • Colin Ankle just recently shelly-ann bettered her personal best at 34yrs..Gatlin was no-3 in Nairobi at 39yrs !! Every thing depends how you train.. breaking bolt’s record is possible

  16. Corey Spalding Nike is in war with Jamaica sprinters. Fastest woman alive Elaine Thompson not getting the recognition from Nike as slow Shacarri. Elaine just signed on with Puma for better treatment. Then Nike paying anyone to break Usain Bolt record who wore Puma.

    • Stephen Steppa listen first of all Nike sees ShaCarri has a bigger marketing investment she’s much younger!! And I don’t find the need why people keep bringing up ShaCarri name don’t get mad at her just because Nike ain’t paying Elaine I don’t understand where all the Jamaicans Sports and corporate sponsors are????

  17. Yohan Blake had a 24 bananas a day diet and he couldn’t break Bolt’s record, so I wish the Africans good luck. If Usain grew up in the USA he would have never ran track, but most likely played 🏀 and 🏈 This story is ridiculous because a 🚙 is being offered for Bolt’s record when I’m sure a shoe company like Nike would offer their athletes $1 million for it.

  18. Reminds me of Steve Mullings……..started the season over 10.00 n suddenly went down to 9.80… From 10.32 to 9.77 in one season is nothing normal for a 25 year old. If it was a teenager who had made that leap I would understand but what was this man running all this time from age 21 to 25? Half a second off in a season at age 25 is suspicious

    • Rayon Artist Griffiths only ran 10.47 at 23 down to 9.77 two years later and top 10 all time. Agree not a natural or realistic improvement at all

    • Rayon Artist Griffiths he only got to better training, motivation and targets that he never had before. the kind of training that you ordinarily can’t get in Kenya. Soon Jamaica wont be alone as the attitude of Africans towards short races is changing

      • John Mati Bromell was there and has always looked promising. He won bronze in 2015 at only 18 years old behind Bolt and Gatlin. As a matter of fact, in terms of major title races, this season is disappointing for Bromell.

    • Rayon Artist Griffiths having followed a similar path I can say it’s possible. I was a sprinter in Kenya didnt have a coach, didn’t have facilities (gym, track) I went from never ran 800m to 1:45 in 2 years..it’s not easy to make it in Kenya and it’s even harder for sprinters due to the technicality of the event!!!


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