Bellinzona Galá dei Castelli 2023 - Elaine Thompson-Herah equals Flo-Jo's world record of 10.61? Diamond League
FILE PHOTO: Elaine Thompson-Herah into the final of the women's 100m at the Commonwealth Games 2022

tokyo 2020 alertsFrench newspaper L’Equipe is reporting that at the US Trials for the Seoul Olympics, Florence Griffith-Joyner became “Flo-Jo” by flying in 10.49 in the 100m quarterfinals, two months before winning three titles Olympic (100m, 200m, 4x100m) in South Korea.

The problem is that day; the wind was blowing very hard in the Michael Carroll Stadium. So strong that the triple jump competition, parallel to the 100m straight, gave rise to enormous measurements, in particular for an obviously unapproved world record from Willie Banks at 18.20 + 5.2m/s.

But two women’s 100m quarterfinals showed zero wind, including that of Flo-Jo. In 1995, the Australian biomechanist Nicholas Linthorne, wrote a report at the request of the International Federation, which said: “The wind should have been measured between +5m/s and +7m/s during the 10.49 race.

The official world record for the women’s 100m should be the 10.61 that Griffith-Joyner achieved in the final at the same US Olympic Trials. “Clearly, one can wonder if Elaine Thompson-Herah not only broke Flo-Jo’s Olympic record this Saturday but also equalled her “real” world record. And it was nearly no wind, according to L´Équipe, a French nationwide daily newspaper devoted to sport.


  1. People, please inform yourself. Flo-Jo also ran 10.61 in the trials, this has nothing to do with her 10.62 run in the olympics. these are 2 different races and events.

  2. CORRECTION!!! She didn’t equal it she broke it. Flo Jo’s record was 10.62. Elaine is 10.61. Come on guys put more thought into your work

  3. Congratulations Elaine Thompson-Herah very well done 👍 May the Good Lord continue to Bless you now and always in all ways may all your dreams come true much Blessings keep your eyes on the prize do your best and The Lord will do the rest peace and love 🙏🏻🍀✌️🤞👏🏾☀️😇☝🏽🍀😃💯❤️☮️👍🔥🇯🇲

  4. Nobody is going to gain grounds on Elain coming off the corner. Elain will bliz the the first 100 and then power down the final last 100 and win gold

  5. Ammm not equal. She broke the record. 🤣😂 Come on people. You’ll can do better than that with the headlines. She has the 100m Olympic Record which now belongs to a Jamaican. 🤣😂. Come on. And the record set by Flo Jo was always controversial as it has drugs written all over it. 😂🤣.

  6. Omg.. these comments are ridiculous. DOES ANYONE READ WITH UNDERSTANDING ANYMORE?!… The article is not saying anything bad about or taking anything away from Elaine.
    What the article is saying is that there are enough evidence that proves given proper calculations of the wind in Flo Jo 10.49 WR it would actually be 10.61 and in that case it would mean that Elaine not only broken Flo Jo OR, but also tied (the wind correction) WR time of 10.61.

    • Leroy Nelson Barnett-Ellis Read the headline. It is true that the wind was more like a storm behind FloJo. Even more worryingly, she has long been suspected of using steroids (as did very many athletes at the time. Testing was only done during competitions, not during the training season).

  7. The World record is 10.49, the Olympic record was 10.62. ETH ran 10.61. The headline is wrong, although it is widely assumed that FloJo was one of the very many doped athletes of her time. In that sense ETH now has the world record as well.

      • Leroy Nelson Barnett-Ellis No, because I absolutely hate the speculation about the 10.49. It was not only wind-aided, it was doping-aided. ETH is the real World Record holder, there is no question about that. The 10.49 should have been scrapped years ago, as the WADA suggested.

  8. Not world record tho, its the Olympic record. And she didnt equal it she broke it..
    Where does this page get their info🤔

      • Leroy Nelson Barnett-Ellis no i didnt read it, even if the article state otherwise that headline is as false and inaccurate jus the same 🤷‍♂️

  9. Let me say this, no weapons that stand against that humble athlete Shellyann will prosper, this is the same way unnu did Her. Go for it Shelly

  10. Were we all watching the same Olympic games? Trackalert, please be more alert about the track star’s phenomenal performance in the 100m dash. #10.61s #brokenolympicrecord

  11. In reality there is ONE World Record holder: Elaine Thompson-Herah. The old doping records should be scrapped, the current situation is unfair to all the properly tested clean athletes today. The WADA has campaigned for that for years. ETH is the real deal.


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