Julien Alfred....The sophomore sprinter has the NCAA-leading mark at 60m and the No. 4 time at 200m this season- at NCAA West Preliminary
Julien Alfred riding high in Texas

Julien Alfred beat Kevona Davis in the women’s 60m at Saturday’s Charlie Thomas Invitational at Bryan In College Station, Texas.

St. Lucian Alfred, representing the University of Texas, stormed to victory in 7.17, beating her teammate Kennedy Flannell, 7.23.

Jamaican Davis, representing University of Texas, finished fourth in 7.34.

Earlier in the prelims, Alfred ran 7.15 while Davis did 7.37.

Charokee Young, who attended Hydel in Jamaica, ran a personal best 51.93 for second in the women’s 400m, won by her Texas A&M teammate Athing Mu in 50.52  

University of Texas’ Chanel Brissett, a 2019 Pan American Games Silver Medallist, won the women’s 60m hurdles in 8.10. She beat LSU’s Milan Young, 8.14.

LSU’s Noah Williams won the men’s 400m in 45.47 ahead of his teammate Sean Burrell, 45.57.

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      • Andrew Johnson its obvious Alfred has improved with her two years of experience at the ncaa..indoors outdoors..against real and tougher competition…kevona has just began her campaign…and 1. She doesn’t seem to like in doors…like many of the freshman Jamaicans…2.she closed her high school campaign not being a 100%…3. Technically kevona start was never her best asset..and running and doing well a 60m requires that explosive and quick start……with that being said…I don’t see why this story and argument being pushed at this time

  1. Kevona is not a 60m sprinter. Her top-end kicks in at about 55 or even 60m. Have you guys been watching this girl over the years? Sigh! Plus she is learning to run indoors and also if you look closely you will see that she is going from one side of the lane to the next. I think she is loaded. However, I just don’t think she will ever do well at 60. Reminds me of Kerron Stewart. The last part of her race is always better.

    • Julien Alfred’s first 60m was always better than that of kevona Davis. Over the 200m, Davis did get the better of her in high school. Break down the race and you will see who has the advantage over the various distances.

    • Kerry Ann Passley Get her back for what?🤦🏾‍♀️What are you even saying? If Julien wins this race and Kevona wins the next one, it really doesn’t matter because they’re on the SAME team, they go to the SAME school..These are two very talented young women, cut the bullshit! Smh..

    • Thee Unruly Rennae Noslen Hate to break it to you but Alfred was actually faster last season at 60m. She was the fastest Caribbean woman last year (faster than Briana and Shelly Ann) as she is the fastest from the Caribbean now. Alfred also has the fastest time EVER for a U20 athlete for the Caribbean AND has the THIRD fastest 60m time for a U20 female IN HISTORY. All of that was accomplished before the virus hit.


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