Elaine Thompson Shelly Fraser Pryce
Elaine Thompson Shelly Fraser Pryce

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Elaine Thompson-Herah were on fire at Saturday’s (8 Aug) Velocity Fest 4 at the National Stadium.

Fraser-Pryce, the Doha 2019 World champion, won heat two and the overall event in 10.87 – the fastest time in the world for 2020. The time bettered Shaunae Miller-Uibo’s 10.98 personal best, done last month.

Fraser-Pryce, who was out fast, blew away the field to cross the line in 10.87 ahead of Shashalee Forbes, 11.20 and Kasheika Cameron, 11.56.

In heat three, Thomspon-Herah, who had a moderate start, hit top speed at the halfway stage. She easily pulled away from her rivals to cross the line in 10.88s.

Natasha Morrison, who was second in heat 3, finished fourth overall in 11.25.

At earlier meets, Fraser-Pryce ran 11secs flat and Thompson-Herah dropped a wind-aided 10.73s. Both these performance were at Jamaica College, the venue of the first three in the series.

  1 Fraser-Pryce, Shelly-Ann     Nike                     10.87   1.4  2
  2 Thompson-Herah, Elaine       Mvp Track & Fiel         10.88   0.3  3
  3 Forbes, Shashalee            Sprintec Track Club      11.20   1.4  2
  4 Morrison, Natasha            Sprintec Track Club      11.25   0.3  3
  5 Strachan, Anthonique         Mvp Track & Fiel         11.46   0.3  3
  6 Cameron, Kasheika            Mvp Track & Fiel         11.56   1.4  2
  7 Nanda, Srabani               Mvp Track & Fiel         11.65   0.3  3
  8 Harriott, Michae             GC Foster College        11.66   0.1  1
  9 Clarke, Dominique            Unattached               12.04   0.1  1
 10 Curtis, Samantha             Pelicans Track Club      12.27   1.4  2
 11 Laidlaw, Kristen             Mvp Track & Fiel         12.56   0.1  1

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  1. Good stuff. A healthy Shelly-Ann is unrivaled. It’s a shame she’ll have to wait until next year to win her third Olympic title.

  2. I have stated many times in the past that a fit ET beats a fit Shelly and there is no new evidence to the contrary–love them both and cant wait to see the show down.

  3. Shelley is in a league of Producing Mine boggling sprint power and its going to be very hard to beat her now.
    They come edging closer she still has a few 10ths in her power.

  4. What that is not true… So many persons career ended because of a toe injury and if you listened to shelly-ann interviews she said they thought that she wouldn’t return because of how severe her toe injury was in 2016 and if you recall she had to be wearing a brace on her foot,but she recovered and she always speak of her faith in God that pulls her through. A toe injury is one of the worst injuries you could get and VCB also undergo this injury in 2009 where she failed to defend her 100m world title and finished a distant second behind alyson felix in the 200m… Nobody is saying elaine cant beat shelly,but yall need to be honest… Even elaine said after the london championship that she was feeling really good in the line up of the finals but she just never felt her body responding… These things do happened!!!👀

  5. Nicola Reid a positive wind speed helps to push u while a negative one slows u do because u have to be running into the wind instead of running with the wind

    • Shamoi Jelani Richards no finals just separate heats.. Shelly 10.87 in a wind speed of 1.4. Elaine 10.88 in a wind speed of 0.3

      • Joel Thomas yea Im well aware that they ran separate heats, and heats prior to this, so with all the built up preliminaries, when will be the final race (where they’ll be racing each other)?

          • Joel Thomas what effect does the wind speed have on the race? Is it beneficial or not? Please let me know.

        • Shamoi Jelani Richards, they have not put all in one race so far. They are physically distancing, using every second lane. So the final results are the best 8 from the 3 heats.

          • Jenny Carruthers ok thanks. The result may be a bit unfair though, given the wind situation.

        • Shamoi Jelani Richards, these races are to give athletes the chance to have some quality outings when some may not race overseas till next year. Wind variation is often a problem. In fact the start time for meets was put back after it was too strong in the first meet. Elaine ran an excellent time but the wind was over 2m/s. She is down to compete in Monaco next weekend.

    • Godson did you look at the wind readings? Shelly had a tailwind of 1.4 while Elaine only had a tailwind 0.3. The true test will come when they actually face off against each other. If both are at their best I think it’ll be Elaine’s race to lose.

      • If taking into account wind then Shelly’s 11.00 into -2.2 headwind is still the most impressive performance of the year. Her 10.71 into a -0.3 headwind is also more impressive than Elaine has ever produced over 100m, so I’m not sure how Elaine could possibly be considered the favourite of the two over this distance.

    • Godson I just pray they both remain in good health all the way through to 2022. Tokyo 2021 nah go normal. I hope VCB makes the team as well, it’d be a nice way to bring the curtain down on her career.

      • Phillip Henry You’re exactly right… a fit and in form Elaine against the best field…. including Shelly… is the favorite to win….hands down!

        • Alicia that also includes the 200m. She still holds a faster PB than Shaunae MU (by some distance) and I think Elaine still has some more perfecting to do by way of the 200m. I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Naser for another 2 years so don’t need to worry about her stepping down to 200m.

          • Phillip, Alicia, are you guys serious? 2016, Elaine beat Shelly-Ann because Shelly-Ann was injured. 2017 Elaine was healthy, but still came 5th at World Champs. And don’t tell me Elaine was injured cuz she ran 10.71 weeks before champs. Shelly-Ann came back from pregnancy, and beat Elaine in 2019. And y’all still act like Elaine is the better sprinter. Yes, she’s faster at 200 m, but Shelly-Ann is the top 100 m female sprinter of all time. This isn’t opinion. This is facts. Over the last decade, she’s won 2 of the last 3 Olympics 100m, and 4 of the last 5 world champs. And y’all still acting like Elaine is her equal. Smh. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

      • I think they both are back at their best so our team 876 is back to norm I goes out for Shelly because she always on the hook

        • Orane Carty We’re Jamaicans, no one is disputing the greatness of Shelly. Her longevity in the sport at the pinnacle is unmatched! We’re proud of her. 2019 Elaine at Worlds had a foot injury! After the 100m final that was it, she could barely walk. 2015-2017 Elaine was still developing as a sprinter, and even then captured double Olympic gold in the 100m & 200m, that is a phenomenal feat at the Olympics. One cannot compare medal hauls between the 2 as Elaine’s career is shorter.

    • Elaine was injured in 2017 but Shelly-Ann is still the better 100m runner, Fraser-Pryce is the greatest female 100m sprinter of all time.

    • Orane Elaine vomited nearly 10 times at the London Championship moments before the finals. I was one of the fans who greeted and encouraged her moments after that finals and I can tell you she wasn’t well at all. You’ll note that a virus was going around which caused a lot of athletes to drop out of their events. There was no one in that field that would have caused Elaine to “choke” she had beaten them all on the circuit.
      As it pertains to being Shelly’s equal, no one was arguing that. We are not comparing accolades, Shelly has been around much longer than Elaine. Furthermore, you don’t need to be able to match someone’s medal haul in order to beat them. This is not a question of who is the GOAT, hands down that goes to Shelly, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in Tokyo.

      • Phillip Henry Shaunae is concerning! she should stick to 400 😁 let’s see how this season progresses. Elaine’s better race is the 200, and you’re right she hasn’t perfected it yet, so there’s room for improvement. Shaunae with her 400m strength and those long legs is a battle, but our girl dealt with Schippers she’ll deal with her too.

      • Phillip, but that’s my point. You guys always making excuses for why Elaine didn’t win. Oh, she was sick. Oh, this happened. Shelly ran with a broken toe in 2016 and still won bronze. The night before the 2019 World champs she had massive anxiety and stayed up all night. Didn’t sleep a wink, and still ran her fastest time in 6 years to destroy the field. I’m just confused as to where/how you guys determine that Elaine will beat her, because nothing so far has given me that impression. They have matching personal bests at 100m, but Shelly is the most consistent sprinter on the planet. You’re not comparing accolades? Well, what are you comparing exactly? Still curious about how y’all draw you conclusions.

        • Orane Carty bwoy oh bwoy… An achilles injury is one of the toughest and most prolong injury an athlete can get.. most times you need surgery to get over that injury but the surgery can mess up u career especially sprinting. So yes Elaine has hard it hard over the past few years. She BARELY missed out on the bronze medal last year…
          Also the reason why so many people believe Elaine is faster is because we can see the potential and room for improvement in her sprinting, we cant say the same for Shelly. Body wise also Elaine is built better and has a smoother technique which gives us the perception that she can go faster.
          At the end of the day we just gotta watch things unfold..
          Cant compare a 13 year career with a 5 year one

          • Joel it’s not only about who can run faster. Shelly beat Carmelita Jeter multiple times when it mattered (the Olympics) even though Carmelita is the fastest woman alive. It’s about being consistent and being able to perform on the day. Elaine did that in 2016 and hasn’t been able to do that since, for one reason or the other (Achilles, she was vomiting, she had something in her eye lol). Yes, she has a lot of room for improvement, but so does Shelly. If Shelly gets more speed endurance (which she could from prioritizing the 200 m) she could run a 10.6. But I think people are counting her out because she’s older.

        • Orane Carty it has nothing to do with age. Shelly fast turn overs can carry her so much and no more.. Height plays a factor as well.
          Once again Achilles Injury is no joke.. one minute u alright the next bam! cant even walk good.. and once again u cant compare a 5year and 13year career.
          The toe injury that Shelly had was easier to recover over than the achilles that Elaine has. And also a 1 time Shelly ever beat Elaine and is at the World championship.
          I just pray both of them is healthy and run to the best of their abilities. I love both of them but is just a gut feeling I have that Elaine is faster and can get the sub 10.7 before shelly

          • Joel, yes you can compare their careers. Look at any 5 years span from Shelly’s career and compare it with Elaine and see who’s better. 2008-2013: Shelly won 2 Olympic 100m, plus 2×100 and 200m world champs. 2014-2019: 60m gold, 2 x100m gold at champs, plus a bronze from Olympics. Elaine: 2 Olympic golds and nothing else. Shelly beat Elaine only once? Yes, because prior to that she was injured. Remember, Elaine’s winning time at the Olympics was not outside Shelly’s personal best.

        • The correct opinion. At their best, Thompson wins over 200m, but Shelly wins across 60m and 100m . Despite their matching PBs across the shorter distances, SAFP has a consistency and ability to produce her best at majors that Thompson cannot quite compare to. Also, her 10.71 and 10.72 into headwinds are still more impressive than Thompson’s top 100m times when taking the wind into account. I have no idea how anyone can think a healthy Thompson would take it when Shelly has been dropping insane times for over a decade.

  6. Both Jamaican ladies will have to work extra hard to beat Shaunae Miller-Uibo in 2021. Shaunae ago kill the 100, 200 and 400m


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