Usain Bolt has admitted there have been times where he has considered coming out of retirement
Usain Bolt's Legacy Endures as He Remains in Top 5 Most Written-About Athletes

Usain Bolt has admitted there have been times where he has considered coming out of retirement.

“I talked to my track coach. And he was like, ‘No, you’re not doing it. People that retire and come back — it doesn’t always work out.’

“For me, at the end, I knew it was time because the drive wasn’t there. But every time I watch track and field I miss it. And every time I go to the track to see my coach and I watch him training I go, ‘Did I make the right decision?’…

Bolt won eight Olympics gold medals, which included three straight sprint double crowns between Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016.

He also won 14 World Championships medals, the 200m four times and three 100m gold.

Bolt is the world 100m and 200m record holder at 9.58 and 19.19.

“But every time I train with them I think, ‘Ah yeah I made the right decision. I don’t miss this,'” he was quoted by 7 News Miami.

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  1. That is a lie Bolt did not say that he said his body was talking to him & he did not want to run in that race that he came second. Rest Mr .Bolt he is going to want to spend time with his family he is a legend noooooooo .

  2. Nooooo….stay out in a blaze of glory… celebrity show up! The last lost race didn’t take anything away from your legacy!

  3. Nope. Thanks for what you have done. Dont let ungrateful people drag your name through the mud should it not work out the way they want it to. Enjoy your life.

  4. Anyone who really loves Bolt would not to see him return. He has scoliosis, a deep curve in his spine, he was training & running in pain…if he continued he would probably be crippled. Ignorance is bliss

  5. No. He is way past his best days. Don’t be like Ali or Ottey who stayed around way past their prime and tarnished their records.

  6. Stay where you are Bolt you left with a legacy and your name is still above the rest dont let it down. Coming back and losing will be very much disappointing to me and other fans.

  7. Stay retired Bolty and continue living your best life, miss you like mad but I am NOT prepared to see you lose because you haven’t got the drive you once had.. #LoveAlways. #KingOfSprinting # ???

  8. ???Bolt can run some fast times if he come back and take it serious. He would probly even find a new drive… If bolt comes back and win in any even it would be one of the most amazing things ever..It would be one of the greatest comebacks. This is something that Bolt doesn’t have in his Legacy!…. Bolt isn’t wash up he just wants to have fun but if he really serious about his Legacy he should have a great comeback!….maybe he should do it for his little family who knows where he would find his motivation ?…With that kinda speed there is no way he shouldn’t have a great comeback.. big up to Shelly Ann Frazer-Pryce …Bolt you always try to prove people wrong and you’re successful at doing so but this time you should try and prove yourself wrong. ?????

  9. No you are wrong to suggest that him leaving at the top of his game is the way to go. Bolt is already a legend perioddd! Unquestionably the greatest athlete of all times. His presence in the sport now goes beyond winning gold medals. He will win more gold medals if he returns to twack, but you will understand glory to the nth degree: the nth degree of glory when he comes back. You and I will be inspired beyond our limitations.


  11. He could probably make the Jamaican 4×1 team on natural talent doubt it will happen though as he says he doesn’t miss the training!

  12. You don’t have to run those heavy heats. You can come and run at penn etc. Would love to see you running again. Olympics and those things may be too heavy.

  13. I miss what he brought to the sport but i have no prob wit the decision he made (retiring ).. Know when to exit gracefully.. So many stay on until they’re washed up n embarass their legacy.. He started out pretty young n for a sprinter to dominate 3 Olympics the way he did is LEGENDARY. Go live n enjoy the fruits of your labour u earned it.. #GreatestSprinter

  14. The headline is misleading, Bolt concluded his statement by saying, “I made the right decision, I don’t miss this”. So clearly Bolt is NOT coming back.

  15. Im glad he is only thinking about it and not doing it — sometimes when you set your mark in history its best to leave it that way.

  16. Nothing wrong with considering coming out of retirement or even wondering if he made the correct decision. I would love to see him competing again but I don’t think he return. ?


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