Michelle-Lee Ahye gets suspension
Michelle-Lee Ahye gets suspension

PARIS, France – Trinidad and Tobago’s sprinter Michelle-Lee Ahye has been banned for two years from track and field. Her punishment is for “Whereabouts Failures”, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced Tuesday, 14 January.

“The World Athletics Disciplinary Tribunal has banned Trinidadian sprinter Michelle Lee Ahye for two-years for Whereabouts Failures with effect from 19 April 2019,” said a statement from Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU).

Ahye was reported for missing three tests during a twelve-month period. The first was on the 23 June 2018; the second on the 23 February 2019; and third, which was the particular focus of this hearing, occurred on 19 April 2019.

Ahye, who was a member of Trinidad and Tobago’s Beijing 2015 World Championships 4x100m bronze team, won silver in the women’s 100m at the Pan American Games in Lima Peru on 7 August 2019.

The AIU said: “The Athlete’s results from 19 April 2019 until the date of the provisional suspension on 30 August 2019 shall be disqualified with all resulting consequences including the forfeiture of any titles, awards, medals, points and prize and appearance money.”

Ahye, however, can appeal the decision within 30 days from the date of receipt of the decision by the appealing party.

She won Trinidad and Tobago’s first-ever female track and field gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

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  1. The question is: How many thousands have been suspended till today, even if many of them never accused any doping substance? Everybody takes everything in professional sport, some are clean, some are dirty?

  2. Win Strong exactly!!! If they had suspended Coleman who else could they count on to be world champion for them? They can’t afford that because Lyles was running 200 only

  3. Replying @Simeon Christophe The following Americans were suspended for whereabouts failures just like Michelle-Lee Ahye… Brianna Rollins, Shawn Crawford, Walter Davis, Reginald Dixon and Marquise Goodwin. Being American has nothing to do with it.

  4. Christian Coleman shouldn’t compare himself to Usain Bolt because he is not clean.How can you say this female athlete was positive for drugs when she wasn’t around.Coleman should be positive too.

  5. Replying @Dennis Jackson yea right. The country he represents? Really? I didnt know he is an American. As if the powers that be would care about a little third world country in the Caribbean. They would have been delighted to knock us off our pedestal. If he missed any he have plausible reasons why. So keep wishing for scandal cuz he would never do that to his country.

  6. Replying @Liam Zamel-Paez let them prove it then. Jamaicans are known forever to be sprinters. We don’t need PEDs. We start track before elementary school and by the time we are in HS we can beat anyone. I know cuz I lived it.

  7. Just dont give the governing body any reason to ban you. Show up on days of your test. Bolt never missed one. He is still in the books as the most tested athlete in history. If you have nothing to hide, show up if not, prove why not or just shut up and take the ban. End of story

  8. Replying @Bjorn Griffith yet for a decade the athletic program in Jamaica work up over night after winning a solo medal in the world championship to dominating the sprints 2 years later and setting world/meet records. Knowing administrators where not doing doping control nor did they keep samples which almost got Jamaican teams banned. This continues into a second Olympic and world cycle. When the whole doping board resigned and external certified doping specialist starting running the doping program there are only 2 runners left running fast and only at big meet while wearing braces for like the 3 or 4 time in 12 years. Stop calling the kettle black when your backyard is full of skeletons also. Let’s not also forget most of the stars in Jamaica have been banned athletes once except Bolt.

  9. @Mike Paez
    They always run away from the doping officials coz they are guilty.
    That’s why the Whereabouts rules were put in place.
    Stupid athletes think they will appear less guilty if they run away rather than to be tested

  10. Oh well, tell your whereabouts and take the test. Act like a professional and follow the rules this is your career take it seriously.

  11. @Dante Black that’s not what i read. He missed 3. What they claim was that he didn’t miss 3 in a calendar year. So they only account for 2 and cleared him.

  12. Colman was a testing overlap. They proved that he was tested during the time. The governing body did not speak to the local governing body to see if he was tested in the time and he was. That’s why he was cleared. There was not 3 missed test in 12 months.

  13. I may not gave all the facts but was this not what Christain Cole was said to have been just before last year world championships.


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