Usain Bolt Results
Usain Bolt

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, The Most Hon. Andrew Holness, in his Independence Day message, said the government can take at least one lesson from Usain Bolt’s achievements.

Bolt reign as Olympic Games champion in 100m, 200m and 4x100m spans three Olympics. The greatest sprinter of all time holds both 100m and 200m world records at 9.58 and 19.19 respectively.

Part of the Prime Minister’s message below:

“All Jamaicans are proud of the achievements of Usain Bolt and celebrate; 9.58 seconds over the 100 metres, the fastest man in history. The appeal of Bolt’s records is that they were achieved through a meticulous commitment to the process of training and adherence to the highest standard of integrity to the sport.

“The lesson government can take from the Bolt example, is that it is possible to have a public sector bureaucracy that is true to process and procedure, maintaining the highest standards of accountability and probity, while being efficient and responsive in delivering results. There is no trade-off between bureaucracy and timely outcomes.

“We must improve the integrity of our public administration to achieve timely outcomes.


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