Usain Bolt Interview Nitro Athletics Melbourne 2017

Watch the interview that Usain Bolt gave at the Nitro Athletics Melbourne 2017 after winning the 4x100m Mixed Relay together with his teammates Asafa Powell, Jenna Prandini and Jeneba Tarmoh…

Usain Bolt Opens Season 4x100m Mixed Relay Nitro Athletics Melbourne 2017. Usain Bolt’s team, which included lead off man Asafa Powell, along with Americans Jenna Prandini and Jeneba Tarmoh, won in 40.64 ahead of Japan 42.36.

Results 4x100m Mixed Relay Nitro Athletics Melbourne 2017:
1. Bolt All-Stars, 40.64
2. Japan, 42.36
3. Australia, 42.45
4. China, 42.54
5. England, 42.68
6. New Zealand, DNF


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