Usain Bolt has admitted there have been times where he has considered coming out of retirement
Usain Bolt's Legacy Endures as He Remains in Top 5 Most Written-About Athletes

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Best performer by Event-Men


Jamaica: 2 gold (Bolt-’08, ’12), 4 silver (McKenley-’52, Miller-’68, Quarrie-’76, Blake-’12), 1 bronze (Miller-’72)

Trinidad and Tobago: 1 gold (Crawford-’76), 2 silver (Boldon-’00, R Thompson-’08), 1 bronze (Boldon-’96)

Barbados: 1 bronze (O Thompson-’00)

Other Finalists

Agostini (TTO)-’56,  Robinson (BAH)-’64,  Fray(JAM)-’72, Crawford (TTO)-’72, Stewart (JAM)-’84, ’88,’92, Greene (JAM)’96, Powell (JAM)-’04, ’08, ’12, Collin (SKN)-’00, ’04, O Thompson (BAR)-’04, Burns (TTO)-08, Frater (JAM)-’08, R Thompson (TTO)-’12, Martina (AHO)-08/(NED)-’12


Antigua and Barbuda: Daniel Bailey (’12)

Cayman Islands: Kemar Hyman (’12)

Guyana: James Gilkes (’80)


Bermuda: Dennis Trott (’76)

Grenada: Paul Williams (’12)

US Virgin Islands: Neville Hodges (’84)


British Virgin Islands:J’Maal Alexander (’12)

St. Lucia: Ronald Promesse (’00)

St. Vincent & the Grenadines; Courtney Williams (’12)


Jamaica: 3 gold (Quarrie-’76, Bolt-’08, ’12), 1 silver (Blake-’12), 2 bronze (Quarrie-’80, Weir-’12)

Trinidad and Tobago-3 bronze (Roberts-’64, Boldon-’96, ’00)

Other Finalists

McKenley (JAM)-’48, Laing (JAM)-’48, ’52, Agostini (TTO)-’56, Fray (JAM)-’68, Bradford (JAM)-’76, Crawford (TTO)-’76, O Thompson (BAR)-’96, ’00, Powell (JAM)-’04, Collins (SKN)-’08, Martina (AHO)-08/(NED)-’12


Antigua and Barbuda: Brendan Christian (’08, ’12)

Bermuda: Troy Douglas (’88)

Grenada: James Gilkes (’80)


US Virgin Islands: James Flemming (’88)


Dominica: Chris Lloyd (’08)

Grenada: Gabriel Simeon (’92)

British Virgin Islands: Lindel Hodge (’84, ’88)

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Eswort Coombs (’92)


Jamaica: 2 gold (Wint-’48 Rhoden-’52, 2 silver (McKenely-’48, ’52), 1 bronze (Haughton-’00)

Grenada: 1 gold (James-’12)

Trinidad and Tobago: 1 silver (Mottley-’64), 1 bronze (L Gordon-’12)

Other Finalists

Wint (JAM)-’52, Skinner (TTO)-’64, Solomon (TTO)-’80, Coombs (TTO)-’80, Cameron (JAM)-’84, Morris (TTO)-’88, ’92, Martin (JAM)-’96, Clarke (JAM)-’96 ’04, McFarlane (JAM)-’00, Simpson (JAM)-’04, Blackwood (JAM)-’04, Francique (GRN)-’04, , Brown (BAH)-’08, ’12, Quow (TTO)-’08, Pinder (BAH)-’12


Barbados: Elvis Forde  (’84)

Bermuda: Troy Douglas (’92)

US Virgin Islands: Tabari Henry (’12)

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Eswort Coombs (’96)


Antigua & Barbuda: Fred Sowerby (’76)


Dominica: Erison Hurtault (’08)

Guyana: Clayton Glasgow (’60), Winston George (’12)

British Virgin Islands: Dean Greenaway (’84)

St. Lucia: Ivan Jean-Marie (’96)


Jamaica: 2 silver (Wint-’48, ’52)

British West Indies: 1 bronze (Kerr/JAM-’60)

Other Finalists

Kerr (JAM)-’64, Cayenne (TTO)-’68


Guyana: Ralph Gomez (’60)


Antigua & Baruda: Dale Jones (’88, ’92)

Barbados: Milton Browne (’00)

Bermuda: Michael Watson (’88)

Dominica: Cedric Harris (’96)

Grenada: Samuel Sawny (’84)

British Virgin Islands: Jeremy Molyneaux (’84)

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Eversley Linley (’92)

110m hurdles 

Jamaica-1 bronze (Parchment-’12)

Other Finalists

Gardner (BWI/JAM)-’60, Wignall (JAM)-’04, ’12, Phillips (JAM)-’08, R Brathwaite (BAR)-’12


Trinidad and Tobago: Wayne Davis (’12)


Bahamas: Derrick Knowles (’88)

Cayman Islands: Ronald Forbes (’08)

US Virgin Islands: Jeff Jackson (’00)


Antigua & Barbuda: Conrad Minwaring (’76)

Guyana: Charles Allen (’00)

400m hurdles

Jamaica: 2 silver (Graham-’92, McFarlane-’04)

Other Finalists

Graham (JAM)-’88, McFarlane (JAM)-08, J Gordon (TTO)-’12


Bahamas: Gregory Rolle (’84)


Antigua & Barbuda: Conrad Minwaring (’76)

Guyana: Paul Tucker (’00)

Barbados: Allan Ince (’88)

High Jump

No medals


Saunders (BER)-’88, Kemp (BAH)-’92

Qualifying round

Jamaica: Ernie Haisley (’56)

British Virgin Islands: Karl Scatliffe (’92)

St. Lucia: Darvin Edwards (’12)

Long jump

Jamaica: 1 silver (Beckford-’96)

Other Finalists

Wells (BAH)-‘84, Beckford (JAM)-’04, Tyrone Smith (BER)-’12

Qualifying round

Antigua & Barbuda: Lester Benjamin (’84)

Cayman Islands: Kareem Streete-Thompson (’00)

Grenada: Eugene Licorish (’92)

British Virgin Islands: Keita Cline (’96)

Trinidad and Tobago: George Swanston (’76)

St. Vincent & Grenadines: Orde Ballantyne (’88)

Triple jump

Bahamas: 3 bronze (Rutherford-’92, Sands-’08

Other Finalists

Wellman (BER)-’92, ’96, Sands (BAH)-’12

Qualifying round

Antigua & Barbuda: Maxwell Peters (’76)

Barbados: Alvin Haynes (’92)

Grenada: Randy Lewis (’08)

US Virgin Islands: Muhammad Halim (’12)

Jamaica: Lennox Burgher (’68)

Trinidad and Tobago: Lejuan Simon (’04)

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Lennox Adams (’88)

Shot put 

no medals


Dorian Scott (JAM)-’12


Trinidad and Tobago: 1 gold (Walcott-’12)


Jamaica: 2 gold (’08, ’12), 1 silver (’84)

Trinidad and Tobago: 2 silver (’08, ’12)

Other Finalists

JAM (’64, ’68,’88, ’00), TTO (’04)


Antigua and Barbuda (’84)

Bermuda (’76)


US Virgin Islands (’92)


Jamaica: 1 gold, (’52) 2 silver (’88, ’00), 1 bronze (’96)

Bahamas: 1 gold (’12), 1 silver (’08), 1 bronze (’00)

British West Indies: 1 bronze

Trinidad and Tobago: 2 bronze (’64, ’12)

Other Finalists

JAM (’48, ’56, ’64,’76, 08), TTO (’68, ’72, 76, ’78, ’92), BAR (’84),  BAH (’96, ’04)

Heats: IVB (’84, ’96), SVG  (’96), LCA (’96), GRN (’96)/GUY (’96)


No medals

9th-Claston Bernard (JAM)-’04/ Maurice Smith (JAM)-’08)

dnf-Clifford Brooks (BAR)-’72/Victor Houston (BAR)-’96/Kurt Felix (GRN)-’12


no medals


Antigua & Barbuda: Dale Jones (’84)

Bermuda: Michael Watson (’88)

Dominica: Steve Agar (’96)

Guyana: Oslen Barr (’84)

Jamaica: Gawain Guy (’84)

Trinidad and Tobago: Wilfred Tull (’48)


No medals


Barbados: Leo GArnes (’92)

Guyana: George de Peana (’60)

Trinidad and Tobago: Mannie Ramjohn (’48)

US Virgin Islands: Marlon Williams (’92)


No medals

Heats: Trinidad and Tobago: Mannie Ramjohn (’48)


No medals

31st-Pamenos Ballantyne (SVG)-’00

32nd-Ronnie Holassie (TTO)-’00

50th-Harry Prowell (GUY)-’68

51st-Derrick Adamson (JAM)-’84

58th- Raymond Swan (BER)-’76

75th-Marlon Williams (ISV)-’84

80th-Zephirinus Joseph (LCA)-’04

Pole Vault

No medals

Qualifying round: St. Lucia: Dominic Johnson (’00)


no medals

Qualifying round

Bahamas: Brad Cooper (’84, ’88)

British Virgin Islands: Eric Matthias(’08)

Jamaica: Traves Smikle (’12)

(Source-2016 Rio Olympics IAAF Hand book).

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