Mike Rodgers wins
Jamaica's Usain Bolt, right, an United States' Mike Rodgers run in a men’s round one heat of the 100m at the World Athletic Championships at Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

EUGENE, USA – American sprinter Michael Rodgers believes Usain Bolt should run for his place on Jamaica’s team to Rio.

Bolt hurt himself during his 10.15 run in the prelims on Thursday night and again by running 10.05 in semis Friday night (July 1) at Jamaica Olympic Trials.

However, the JAAA selection policy clearly states: “Athletes who are ranked/listed in the top three in the world for their event who are ill or injured at the time of the National Championships and are granted an exemption from competing at the Championships, may still be considered for selection provided that they are able to prove their world ranking form prior to the final submission of the entries for the competition.”

Rodgers, who after running 10 flat in the prelims at the US Trials, was asked about Bolt’s situation.

“We have the toughest Trials in America. We don’t get a bye. We don’t have a medical exemption. I felt like it is a cop out,” he said.

“He should run just like everyone else,” added Rodgers, who has lost to Bolt the 15 times they met over 100m.

“But at the end of the day, he is Bolt. He is the Olympic champion, the world champion. So until someone beats him, puts him in his place, he is going to continue to do what he wants to do.”

Bolt in a statement, Friday night, said: “I will seek treatment immediately and hope to show fitness at the London Anniversary Games on July 22 to earn selection for the Olympic Games in Rio.


  1. It is obvious that Rodgers is ignorant to the fact that no other federation do the same thing as the USA. Each have their own rules and if the USA choose not to do what the other federations do it is also their preragotive too. Why go out of his way to criticize another competitor. I guess he thinks he has nothing to lose by trying to get under Bolt skin. Or is it that his jealousy has reach a point beyond self control?

  2. Am tired of all them talk. Bolt is anointed too and if it means running in pain and then lay flat on his back none of those guys will beat him. His next successor will not come out of USA. You guys had your turn to beat him. Give him a break.

  3. Why is it hateful to say you should earn your spot at the Olympic trials? Injured or not that’s where the national team is selected is it not? How is it fair to the athletes who competed at the trials if they can lose their spot to someone who didn’t?

  4. What Jamaica does to choose their athletes had nothing to do with the USA. Rodgers is out of place. Each country has their own rules. I have no opinion on the matter but why because the US have their rules should other countries follow? Geez man

  5. Just finished watching the USA trials and that piece of crap did not even made the USA team , he was so focused on BOLT that he could not even make his team. Gatlin comment about Rio is crazy, I guess he did even realized that the Beast is back. USA will be shut in RIO again.

  6. Mike Rogers, get this. Bolt is a global, Megga superstar and you are not. He is the face of world Athletics and you are not. He is a Jamaican and you are not. If you make the US team, you would be glad if Bolt is not in Rio. However, the JAAA has it’s rules and the US has theirs. So sorry your wish will not come through

  7. I agree Rodgers and it is a cop out. Bolt is a wussy, Allyson ran with a ankle injury and still made the team. Real champions compete to qualify they don’t fake it, use a medical pass so they can now get ready. Bolt too busy partying, smoking weed and wanting to be a celebrity instead of an athlete.

  8. Rodgers is a hater … plain and simple ..why shud any athlete run if they’re injured? if USA allows that then thats their business… we (jamaica) dont endorse our athletes run and risk futher injury. and futhermore you still cudnt beat Bolt in a race if he was injured..so focus on tryin to make your team and leave others alone ..

  9. Rogers can you sell out a stadium you ever ear any kids saying they wanna be like you come on if bolt don’t go to Rio it won’t be nice but if you don’t show up the world won’t miss u Wat else bolt shud prove ?


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