LONDON – Usain Bolt says he was disappointed the American camp, especially with rival Justin Gatlin, for think that he would fake-out of the Jamaica Olympic Trials.

Bolt withdrew from the JAAA National Trials earlier this month before the 100 metres final and applied for a medical exemption.

The six-time Olympic champion immediately underwent treatment and proved his fitness with a winning performance in his first 200m outing of the season at the Anniversary Games – London Diamond League meeting – on Friday.

After running 19.89 seconds to confirm his fitness ahead of the Rio Olympic Games next month, Bolt said he felt as though he was the victim of disrespectful comments from his rivals.

American sprinter Michael Rodgers said at the time: “Until someone beats him (Bolt), puts him in his place, he is going to continue to do what he wants to do.”

Gatlin added: “He is Usain, so we’re going to see his face in Rio one way or another.

“When you command a certain power in track and field, sometimes you get to exercise it.

“He is injured and he has a medical pass. That is what his country does. Our country doesn’t do that.”

Bolt wasn’t impressed by those comments.

“I felt it was a joke,” he said on Friday. “I felt it was a disrespect [if] they think I’d back out of a trials.

“I’ve proven myself year on year that I’m the greatest,” a confident Bolt said. “I laughed when I heard it.

“I was disappointed, especially in Justin Gatlin.”

On Friday, Bolt defeated Panama’s 2009 IAAF World Championships silver medallist Alonso Edward, who ran a seasonal best of 20.04 for second place and Great Britain’s Adam Gemili, who took third, also in a seasonal best time of 20.07.

Bolt, 29, will now join Yohan Blake and Nickel Ashaemade in the Jamaican men’s 100m and 200m squads for Rio.

The sprint legend says he is now focusing on sharpening up to defend his sprint double at the Olympic Games in Brazil


  1. How Jamaica selcects their team has nothing to do with the USA. This is not like the IAAF or IOC is doing the selecting. They change the rules to pick 3 people with no trials if they want to. It would make no difference, there is not 3 people in any team that can beat Bolt. In 2012 it was the same, oh we’re gonna beat Bolt. 3 more gold medals later. They shit up, only to pipe up with some new shit. Last year at the World championship, they refused to board the bus with Jamaicans after Bolt beat Gatlin. They’re disgraceful and a poor representative for their country.

  2. Mike rogers who’s that?? Gatlin go hold several seats u daff and badmind AF…u drugs up bitch who gives AF about your team and how u ppl do your selection this is Jamaica where the fastest and greatest athlete is born and bred…..gweeh..

  3. The bottom line other countries do shit the USA would never do! Nobody has ever been able to do that “medical bull shit period” nobody couldn’t even get on the relay with that bullshit.!

    But when you make money for the entire sport you get away with everything big or little

  4. Michael Rogers néeds to stay in his class, keep quiet and leave Jamaica’s business alone. He will never be an A-class sprinter not even B-class. As it relates to Gatlin he must be on drugs again if he intended to disrespect Bolt. JAAA don’t need no help from USA but the US could use some help on how to exchange batons in a 4×100m relay.

  5. So if anyone speak on Bolt its “disrespectful” now? Y’all think Gatlin would have got a medical leave and would have competed in Rio. Fuck no. We have the worlds greatest female American world record holder in the 100mh not competing in Rio. Run the trials and make the team. Simple

  6. “Beat Bolt and put him on his place!”.
    Really bro,…his place is the GREATEST SPRINTER that ever lived. What is your place Michael Rodgers? Nobody has ever even heard of you. Lol

  7. ‘until someone beats him and put him in his place’..that little boy is rude and disrespectful. did he ever learned about prepositions in school. I bet not, he and his team mates will all have to line up behind bolt. how many years has bolt been in 1ST place. rogers is about 5 or 6th place…they are just jealous and worried that they cannot predict the mysterious lightning bolt, the same guy who smoked them over and overand over they will be smoked again very soon, if i was them i would go train harder to lessen the gap of the beat they will all get…hehehehe.

  8. Do your thing Mr Bolt n don’t even listen to them because they are doing what they do best “TALK”and the to intimidate but “den no worry we”as we let our legs do the talking then we celebrate the results. Woooooooeeehhhh!!!!!


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