"I will never be able to compete with Usain Bolt," according to Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Schweinsteiger was speaking out against those criticsing him for a lack of pace.

"But being slow or being quick on the pitch has not solely something to do with making sprints. It's also about being quick in your head," he said.

The ex-Bayern Munich star and World Cup winner has been lambasted by fans – and indeed his own manager, Louis van Gaal – for his appearances this season.

Bolt, who is a big support of Manchester United, also criticized the team recenrtly.

Bolt then had some choice words for the current United playing squad, saying: 'I don't think this passing method that he has is ever going to work for Manchester United. Unless he changes all the players.'

'If we had Giggs and Scholes still both in the middle, then it could be good.'

'Mata is good but he's too small. Rooney's good but he plays a bit slow, and as a midfielder you've got to really move quickly. Like [Eden] Hazard or some of the players for Arsenal'.

Schweinsteiger said: "I am not impressed by the criticism that has been brought up over me via the media," he said.

"I am currently playing on a level that is comparable to that during the World Cup in 2014.


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