American sprinter Justin Gatlin said Usain Bolt could show up any day.

 Gatlin, who was speaking to journalists ahead of Friday Monaco Diamond League Meeting, said Bolt will be fit in time for Beijing.

“He is the kind of guy who can show up on the day,” said Gatlin.

Gatlin also said, in Beijing everyone will have to “pay attention that he (Usain Bolt) is coming for the gold medal.”

Gatlin is the fastest man in the world this year with 9.75 seconds, but is yet to go up against Bolt.

Asked if he thinks Bolt is avoiding him, Gatlin replied: “I don't think so. I think he is a great showman, he's the kind of guy that will wait until when its right and hopefully Beijing and the 100m finals or the 200m will be the right time for us to put on a spectacular show.”



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