By Alricardo Gallimore, TrackAlerts.Com Writer 

Head coach of Racers Track Club Glen Mills has come out in defense of his colleague, Jermaine Shand.

High-powered members of MVP Track Club accused Shand of showing partiality within the Jamaica team. Mills believes that the country has been misled by what really transpired in Bahamas.

Mills is saying that his club has come under attack and heavy criticism by members of MVP for some time now and that the recent incident involving Mr. Shand is just another reason to bash his club.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who was scrapped from the 4x200m at the Championships in Bahamas by her coach, made herself available for both the heats and finals of the 4x100m. However she found out that her request to run in both rounds could not be granted because of a late request by her. Instead, she was only authorized by the coaching panel to run in the finals. Because of this, she was pulled from the team by her coach Stephen Francis.

Mills believes that Shand should not be pinned down because of the decisions made at the championships. "Mr Shand is a junior in the organization. There is a technical director and a head coach who have executive power to override any decision made. None of those decisions were arrived at without a consensus and participation of all the coaches," Mills continued and stated that the coaching panel included one Paul Francis from MVP and that all decisions were made independently.

According to Mills, most of Shand’s decisions go to the head coach and technical director so he should not be in such a predicament


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