Usain Bolt is nothing short of an Olympic phenomenon. The Jamaican sprinter won three gold medals in Beijing in 2008 and a further three at London 2012. He holds the Olympic record for the 100m, and in 2008 and 2012 he was part of the Jamaican relay teams that broke the world record for the 4x100m. The question is how does he do it?

Bolt is certainly unique. In sprinting terms he’s taller than average and while he continues to set new records, the big question is whether or not he can run even faster.

Bolt has already broken the 100m record three times and the 200m record twice, but you only have to look at some of his finishes, particularly when he often slows before the line in qualifying rounds, to see that he might be able to go even quicker still. His technique looks….


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