PARIS, France – Jamaican sprinter Nickel Ashmeade brought back memories Jon Drummond's false start at the 2003 World Championships (See Videos Below).

At Saturday’s (5 July) Areva Paris Diamond League meeting, Ashmeade, who was charged for false start, protested for minutes and at one stage went to sit on his blocks.

Ashmeade was heard complaining about the noise while shooting “I can’t hear”, but despite this, the officials were determined he would have to leave the track. One officials was overheard saying "its the rules, its's the rules"

He eventually left the track while removing his nametag.

It was also in Paris, Drummond contested that he did not false start, repeatedly shouting "I did not move". He protested for a period of time by lying down on the track. He eventually left the track of his own volition, reportedly in tears.


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