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By Anthony Foster, writer in Fort de France

Bonjour everyone and good morning from

Let's get ready to rumble!!! It's the 2014 Junior Carifta Games and, your leading news source in track and field coverage, will be in Martinique to bring you their usual world-class coverage.

Miami Air Flight LL 642 touched down in Fort de France with Team Jamaica and Team Cayman Islands, just before midnight, on Thursday.

The flight, which departed the Norman Manley International Airport just before 9:30pm, also had on board Carifta's defending Under-20 100m champion, Anguillan, Zharnell Hughes, a schoolboy attending Kingston College in Jamaica.

On arrival on the immigration hall, things started off a little slow, maybe because the two officers on duty wanted to make sure they got things done right… but despite a brief holdup, there was no major complaint. It was easy sailing and clearing customs was a breeze…

The first real confusion however, started on the outside, as nowhere was a rent-a-car, a taxi service or a money exchange outlet, to be found… just about nothing was at our service. Stranded were parents, personal coaches and journalists.

A few of us soon got assistance to call a taxi and after a brief wait we boarded. To our amazement however, the meter read 23 euros… and began tolling immediately, unlike what happens elsewhere.

Comparing recent tours made to India and Japan for example, the meter would start at a price, which clearly meant there was an acceptable minimum payment and one which won’t change until after driving for a few miles… This taxi however in Fort de France, was set at 23 euros and started it's count right away…

In the end, the fee to get to the hotel, which was just about 10 minutes away, cost us over 50 euros.

On arrival at Hotel La Bateliere, I was pleased to note that the service was first class at the check-in counter…. a trend i could get accustomed to (hopefully) for the duration of my stay.

Bonjour again and the next time you hear from us, it will be after our arrival at the Stadium. Take care until then.

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