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By Adrian Robinson, contributor 

The event that ushers in the final bit of excitement every time the ISSA Boys and Girls Championships comes around is the open 4×4 relays.

Over the past three decades, statistics dictate that both St Jago and Calabar exhorts fun from closing the show on a winning note. With six victories apiece over that time frame, it is reasoned that the final relay features big time in their books.

Calabar enjoyed a good run in the 1980’s during the Daniel England era, and St Jago did the same when Yohan Blake reigned.  It is however felt in some quarters, that Yohan got the better of that famous tussle. In his penultimate 4X4 race, CHAMPS history would have been more openhanded to St Jago.

Both schools this year will be pulling out all the stops to end the show on a high. Their times this season indicate superiority, both having gone sub 3:10. The experts are split down the middle as to who will be the victor.

Michael Clarke, with the distinction of having coached winning teams at 3 different schools comes in with the advantage in terms of experience and win ability.

Not to be outdone, Danny Hawthorne being the first coach to take a team sub 40 at CHAMPS, and a previous 4×4 record holder, fancies his chances also.

Things are now delicately poised and a missing member of either quartet would place that team in a spot of bother; rendering that team to minor placing, the competition is of such.

Last year’s record breaking run of 3:09.25 by Munro may be on borrowed time as both teams should be at full tilt.

The rest is left to time, and may the best team win.  Take the show down with a showdown.

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