Corey Bennett

Calabar High School, on Wednesday, announced Corey Bennett as their new track and field team.

Corey Bennett, who coached Hydel to second place at Boys and Girls Champs, replaced Michael Clarke. Under Clarke’s leadership, Calabar won nine of its 28 titles.

According to a media release, Corey Bennett will be charged with “leading and managing the track and field programme and coaching the team within the established school guidelines.”

The release continued: “It is expected that he will build on the well-established foundation laid by his predecessors to hone and execute, along with his team, a competitive programme that is marked by exemplary sportsmanship, athletic excellence and unquestioned integrity while safeguarding the educational welfare of the student-athletes, all within the framework of the school’s mission.”

Corey Bennett guided several of Jamaica’s brightest junior stars, such as Charokee Young, Shiann Salmon, Brianna Lyston, Ashanti Moore and Kerrica Hill.

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