Event Schedule | Brussels Diamond League - Memorial Van Damme 2023
Event Schedule | Brussels Diamond League - Memorial Van Damme 2023

Get ready for a thrilling athletic experience at the 2023 Memorial Van Damme, an integral part of the illustrious Brussels Diamond League series. Spanning two action-packed days from September 7-8, this much-anticipated event promises a line-up of world-class athletes competing in a variety of disciplines.

The setting for these intense battles for athletic supremacy is none other than the iconic King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Belgium. Whether you’re a long-time track and field aficionado or new to the world of athletics, this event is set to offer a memorable spectacle of speed, agility, and sheer sporting excellence.

Elaine Thompson-Herah and Shericka Jackson Set for Highly Anticipated Appearances in Brussels Diamond League

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Brussels Diamond League Schedule – Times Are Listed in New York Time Zone, Which Is One Hour Ahead of Jamaica Time

07 September 2023

Time Event
14:45 Shot Put National Women
16:15 Shot Put National Men
18:00 Shot Put Women – DL Event

08 September 2023

Time Event Details
11:31 Street 100m Mixed Entries
11:35 Javelin Throw Youth Memorial Boys Entries
11:37 100m Youth Memorial Girls Entries
11:43 100m Youth Memorial Boys Entries
11:49 1000m Youth Memorial Girls Entries
11:55 High Jump Youth Memorial Girls Entries
11:57 1000m Youth Memorial Boys Entries
12:08 4 x 100m Youth Memorial Girls Entries
12:16 4 x 100m Youth Memorial Boys Entries
12:23 100m Club Mixed Entries
12:29 100m Special Olympics Mixed Entries
12:37 4 x 100m Men Entries
12:43 100m Embracing Diversity Run Entries
12:49 100m Wheelchair Men Entries
12:57 10000m Men Entries
13:02 Long Jump Women Entries
13:15 Pole Vault Men Entries
13:22 Javelin Throw Women Entries
13:30 Opening Ceremony
13:40 100m Wheelchair Women Entries
13:46 400m Women B Entries
13:50 💎 High Jump Women Entries
13:53 💎 400m Men B Entries
14:04 💎 400m Women Entries
14:13 💎 1500m Women Entries
14:28 💎 200m Men Entries
14:36 💎 100m Women Entries
14:41 💎 Triple Jump Women Entries
14:46 💎 400m Hurdles Women Entries
14:56 💎 2000m Men Entries
15:09 💎 200m Women Entries
15:17 💎 800m Men Entries
15:26 💎 5000m Women Entries
15:53 💎 400m Men Entries
16:00 Lasershow – Concert


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