the 2023 Prefontaine Classic, also serving as the Eugene Diamond League Final -- Shericka Jackson Dominates Women's 200m with Impressive Speed at the Rabat Diamond League
Shericka Jackson Dominates Women's 200m with Impressive Speed at the Rabat Diamond League

Kingston, Jamaica— Shericka Jackson and Elaine Thompson-Herah have both made their way into the highly anticipated final of the women’s 100m at the Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023. Jackson, the World silver medalist and defending national champion, showcased her exceptional skills despite facing a challenging headwind of -3.9 m/s.

In the semifinals held at the National Stadium, Jackson delivered a commanding performance, crossing the finish line in 11.31 seconds. Her remarkable start and strength on the track allowed her to overcome the adverse wind conditions. Shashalee Forbes of the Sprintec Track Club secured second place in the same heat, finishing with a time of 11.39 seconds. Alana Reid, the national junior record holder, also demonstrated her speed and qualified for the final with a time of 11.43 seconds.

In the second semifinal, Natasha Morrison displayed her experience and sprinting prowess as she emerged victorious with a time of 11.14 seconds (-0.9 m/s). Morrison’s powerful start enabled her to create distance from the field and hold off a late surge from Thompson-Herah, who matched her winning time of 11.14 seconds and secured second place.

Briana Williams (11.22 seconds), Ashanti Moore (11.32 seconds), and Shockoria Wallace (11.39 seconds) also earned their spots in the final from the second semifinal. The women’s 100m final at the Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023 promises to be a thrilling clash of these exceptional athletes.

Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023 Women’s 100m Semifinal Results

Heat 1 Semi-Finals Wind: -3.9
1 Shericka Jackson 29 Mvp 11.31Q
2 Shashalee Forbes 27 Sprintec Track Club 11.39Q
3 Alana Reid 18 Nike 11.43Q
4 Remona Burchell 32 Sprintec Track Club 11.44
5 Serena Cole 19 Mvp 11.44
6 Kevona Davis 22 University of Texas 11.45
7 Lanae-Tava Thomas 22 University of Texas 11.61
8 Kiara Grant 23 Unattached 11.61

Heat 2 Semi-Finals Wind: -0.9
1 Natasha Morrison 31 Mvp 11.14Q
2 Elaine Thompson Herah 31 New era track club 11.14Q
Briana Williams 21 Titans Track 11.22Q
4 Ashanti Moore 23 Adidas 11.32q
5 Shockoria Wallace 30 Mvp 11.39q
Tina Clayton 19 Mvp 11.44
7 Jonielle Smith 27 Mvp 11.45

Complete results here


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