Usain Bolt playing at Soccer Aid 2021

Soccer Aid 2021, which featured England against a Rest of the World XI, which included Usain Bolt, was played on Saturday (3 Sept) at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

Usain Bolt, Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo played for the World XI, which came away 2-0 winners against England.

Wayne Rooney, Olly Murs, Mark Wright, Mo Farah, David James, Jamie Redknapp, Kelly Smith and Fara Williams were some stars for England who played in the Soccer Aid 2021.

Bolt received a nice pass midway the first half, but Gary Neville wouldn’t allow the track and field legend to turn. He fouled Bolt on the edge of the 18-yard-box.

Kem, a TV Presenter, Restaurateur & Barber and Mental Health Advocate, scored a brace for the World XI. Lee Mack scored the third and final goal.

Soccer Aid’s previous results

The game was last held in 2020 when the World XI won on penalties.

2006 England 2–1 Rest of The World

2008 England 4–3 Rest of The World

2010 Rest of The World 2–2 England (ROW won 7–6 on penalties)

2012 England 3-1 Rest of the World

2014 Rest of the World 4-2 England

2016 England 3-2 Rest of the World

2018 England 3-3 Rest of the World (England won 4-3 on penalties)

2019 Rest of the World 2-2 England (ROW won 3-1 on penalties)

2020 Rest of the World 2-2 England (ROW won 4-3 on penalties)



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