Sha'Carri Richardson
Sha'Carri Richardson

United States of America Track and Field (USATF) called Sha’Carri Richardson positive test “incredibly unfortunate and devastating.”

Richardson, one of the fastest sprinters this season, tested for the use of marijuana. Cannabis, marijuana, and hashish are Specified Substances in the class of Cannabinoids and are prohibited in-competition under the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

In a statement, USA Track & Field said, “Sha’Carri Richardson’s situation is incredibly unfortunate and devastating for everyone involved.”

“Athlete health and well-being continue to be one of USATF’s most critical priorities, and we will work with Sha’Carri to ensure she has ample resources to overcome any mental health challenges now and in the future,” the statement said.

Richardson showboated earlier in the semi-final, easing up some 20 metres from the line in 10.64. The wind reading was 2.6m/s.

Javianne Oliver, who ran 10.83 (+2.5m/s) in semis, ran 10.99 for second in the final. The third Tokyo qualifying spot went to Teahna Daniels in 11.03.
Jenna Prandini, who ran 11.11 for fourth in the final, is likely to take Richardson’s space.

She accepted a one-month ban and will miss the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
“This will be the last time the Olympics don’t see Sha’Carri Richardson, and this will be the last time the US doesn’t come home with a gold metal in the 100,” Richardson said Friday on NCB.

“This is just one games. I’m 21. I’m very young,” she said. “I have plenty of games left in me to compete in, and I have plenty of talent that backs me up.”


  1. Nesta carter
    Yohan Blake
    Marvin anderson
    Asafa powell
    Sharone Simpson

    And more JamAica sprinters that co be added to this list for Failing drug test

    And AmerIcan Football takes 95% of our sprinters bc Thete is no money in track in america. They dOnt even shiw track on TV but 3 times a year, droNe racing and alternative get more time than track when Football basketball baseball and hockey dominAte 95% of american sports

  2. Let the girl live she made a mistake , Marlene otty the greatest female sprinter of all time came up in a era when performance enhancing drugs was was prevalent among athletes, this caused Marlenemany opportunities to win a gold medal. The IOC turned a blind eye then now we are ready to crucify a sister for making a mistake . I still believe the Jamaican girls are gonna run away with the sprint races but this sister should live her dream of competing in the olympics,it should not be taken away from her

    • Dalmain Grant she did not make a mistake. She knew the rules and made a choice to do what she did. Mistakes are unintentional accidents like a typo. She owned up to it and now has to pay the consequences. Doesn’t matter what past athletes have done. It was a different time then. This is about now and today’s rules.

    • Kooms Smook Crackas Simpson BIGG FACTS..these the same people who know flo jo records should be deleted from the history books..we all know she was juicin hard & thats what killed her 😎

    • Kooms Smook Crackas Simpson You cannot hide anything at all using marijuana. That is an urban legend. Any other substance such as steroids would be identified right away. We use those drug screens in the ER at hospitals, they show everythin separately and simultaneously. Where on earth does this masking story come from? It is ridiculous!

    • Sean Smith These are not the same people at all. Back in the eighties testing was a bi behind the laboratories that developed doping, we are ahead of them nowadays. You get caught sooner or later these days, and since not being tested is a vilation of therules as well, it’s hard to hide and escape. But you are right, all those old rcords should be scrapped, it would be fair.

    • There is no evidence of the masking narrative …..WADA…does not say that’s the case for anyone who uses ganga… thats something people are making up in their heads..unfortunately. And through the years many athletes from many nations have used banned substances whether for performance or for other things. Not just America . Thats a fact . If we start writing in the sand there are many top athletes from varying countries who have failed banned substance. Should we write in the sand or .let rest. We should .give this young black woman a break??

    • Kooms Smook Crackas Simpson It is irritating when lay people or crackheads start talking about drugs, knowing nothing. They should simply listen and make notes…

    • Kooms Smook Crackas Simpson so ignorant,if that was the case all athletes would masking with marijuana…this new testing technology uncovers or detects anything,ain’t no masking NOTHING….you will get caught soon or later,ask the Russian olympians,they are the kings at masking, all got busted.

    • Colin Ankle Several European WADA experts have now said it may well be time to change the rule on marijuana. Alcohol is not a banned substance, and is used for the same purpose.

    • Yes, Iltalehti today but you’d have to speak Finnish to read it. Something that is fully legal in 18 US states, Canada, Netherlands and many other countries is bound to be reconsidered. And soon.

    • Kooms Smook Crackas Simpson, WADA covers all international sports, not just Track and Field. It is not a masking agent but does cause relaxation and anxiety reduction, therefore in sports like Archery and Pistol Shooting it can steady hands, an advantage. So it is banned across the board.

    • Hannu Savolainen so because 38% of the USA allows marijuana that makes it ok? You obviously don’t understand the point of banning certain substances. Many medications would be considered a banned substance but people are allowed to take them. Look it up why it’s banned. Not saying it should be but it is…and the rationale some states allow it or a couple of countries doesn’t mean squat. It’s also legal for people over 21 to drink alcohol but we can’t show up to work smelling like a brewery. So your argument is weak


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