Antonio Watson ... Ed Murphey Classic win
Antonio Watson wins the Class 1 boys' 200m final at Champs 2021

The Inter-Secondary School Sports Association( ISSA) has accepted Antonio Watson’s apology for “gun” hand gestures during Saturday’s final day of Champs 2021.

“We accept his apology in recognition of our mission to use opportunities like these as teachable moments for our student/athletes to adapt socially acceptable behaviour,” ISSA said in a statement.

ISSA also said they noted Watson’s post-race interview.
“Antonio sought to provide an explanation for his actions after embracing his opponent,” ISSA said.

“Champs” has always been a time to showcase and celebrate talent. While we encourage the colourful behaviour of victory celebrations and acknowledge the value and excitement it brings to the Championships, it should always be within the Code of Conduct that guides how we act on and off the field and track.

“As the organisers of high school sporting events, we are committed to honouring the spirit of sportsmanship at all our meets and games by all our athletes and would like to remind them that there is a code of conduct to abide by and that ISSA is committed to supporting sportsmanlike behaviour.

Track and Field legend Usain Bolt also asked fans not to “condemn and chastise” the young Jamaican sprinter.

“It important that we mold such talent so he can develop to maximize his full potential,” said Bolt.


  1. Kino Cummings very true and the same politicians dem a use bad man song pon election campaign. We as Jamaica only see one side of a coin. Not condoning the gesture but no crucify the youth do they know how demotivated that can make him. Deal wid the youth pon a different level

  2. Maureen McLeod I agree I was offended by the “targeted gun gesture.” They always do it but when it’s done to a specific rival then I find it disrespectful to the party involved and all their hard work of training and the sport itself. Showmanship shouldn’t involve violence.

  3. Tevin R Gordon, I thought that was the case. Other youths may have been doing it over the years but ISSA thought the practice should stop. So once the edict comes out the coaches and school leaders should have been reminding their young charges to find some other signature move for any celebration.

  4. Who gives a rats ass ig they want to accept it. Make sure whan the coporate area schools athletes dem do it again like they have been doing for years a di same reaction it get. Guidance Antonio it was on the moment but rise above this. Your future looks good

    • Mitzie Hibbert they did send a memo out in 2019 about it and he did it before and still do it again so what you mean? If you don’t know anything don’t comment on it 👍🏾

      • Tevin R Gordon i said what i said a never him alone do it a champs 2021 so why just focus on Antonio? And guess what like 95 % of people on social media we always comments pon things weh we no know bout it so send the memo from ISSA come gimmie but it still nah go change my stance. I saw athletes fron the school i suppor do it at this 2021 chanpa and im reading the papers and np mention about them just Antonio. It look like dem neva see the memo either. Have a good day sir


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