Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake has slammed world athletics chief Sebastian Coe for taking away track and field disciplines such as the 200 metres from next year's Diamond League - Poznan Grand Prix
Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake has slammed world athletics chief Sebastian Coe for taking away track and field disciplines such as the 200 metres from next year's Diamond League.

Jamaica’s former world 100m champion Yohan Blake has questioned whether World Athletics President Sebastian Coe is ‘trying to build or kill the sport.

Since several events, including the 200m, triple jump and discus throw, were dropped from the Diamond League, Coe has come in for harsh criticisms from many athletes.

Blake, who was speaking to journalists on his promotional tour of Mumbai, India on Monday, said its a “stupid move” to drop the event.

“If he can take away the 200 and triple jump, I don’t know if he is trying to build it or trying to kill athletics, but that’s a stupid move. He must enhance the sport, but he is killing it. It is just madness.”

“I believe all the events are very important,” Blake was quoted as saying, while adding “This is people’s careers, this is where they make their money.”

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  1. Agree with Blake, but could be more diplomatic with some of his expressions, such as “stupid and mad”. At this stage of his career, he might be able to win “gold” for advocating for athletes’ rights and not for winning 100M, as he has been doing a lot of public speaking and promoting lately.

  2. This article has none of the necessary background to make an informed judgement. The IAAF was required to cut the program to 90min for TV program broadcasting reasons. People in a number of large countries were surveyed as well as attendees after some of the meets to determine which events to remove from the Championship. Each cut event will still be seen at a couple of the meets but the chance of a big purse is out. It was not Seb Coe alone. I would happily watch more than 2 hours but the harsh reality is that there is not the massive sponsorship money for Athletics that American football for eg has. A 200m runner could also contest the 100m, but the triple jumpers don’t really have a backup. So I get where Blake is coming from but his rant is misplaced.

  3. Cheryl Fletcher, you are the only one who seems to get the point I am making. I do believe the issue of the 200m being dropped from the Diamond League is important. However you not only need to know what battles to fight, you also need to know when to fight. For an athlete struggling to regain his form, I do not believe Yohan should get drawn into the media spotlight on this. He will now be asked by the media at every opportunity to explain his position. He needs to be ‘laser focused’ as you put it, on putting in the work necessary to get back in the top three in the sprints.

  4. Everton S. Jackson I agree with this. Great people are laser-focused. Blake should focus on his performance and let others take on Seb Coe. There are plenty of people out there to do that. Blake hasn’t been running well lately. Soon he will blame Seb Coe for his poor running. It’s not logical but that is what people do when they can’t get ahead.

  5. So He isn’t allowed to speak? let alone live? Smh. He made a very valid comment, for most of these Athletes this is how they make their money and for most it is their main event, therefore this is so very wrong!

  6. Judz Why and Jorge Flash Vazquez I think he stated after the WC that he would be focusing on the 100m. Anyhow that is neither here nor there. The point I am making is he has a lot of work to do between now an 2020 Olympics. He needs to stay focused on the work he needs to do and let others fight the battle with Seb Coe.

  7. Anthonnette Green where have you seen that proof in the last 5 years ? blake maybe still be the man in Jamaica but he’s not messing with them young dogs. I don’t even now what happened to blake, he didn’t even have any injuries that required surgery has he???? Mustv been 1 bad non surgery needing injury cause he fell off something terrible. 2nd fastest 200 meter, 3rd fastest time and he can’t even get out of 19.9 now. Still in his 20s

  8. Curtis Strong Agree with Blake on Coe. Jury is out on him winning an Olympic gold though. Gonna have to put in some serious work to beat Coleman and Lyles.


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