Miramar Invitational Live Stream - Bowerman winner --- Christian Coleman wins US Trials - Seiko Golden Grand Prix - for New York Grand Prix
Christian Coleman

Christian Coleman, according to reports, could miss a glorious opportunity to win his first world title.

According to The Associated Press, Coleman, Doha 2019 World Championships men’s 100m gold medal favourite, missed drug tests and could face two years ban.

The “whereabouts failures” are said to have happened over 12 months, which can be treated as a positive test and doping violation.

In July, Coleman ran a below-par 9.99 seconds to win his first US national title. He beat Michael Rodgers, 10.12 and Christopher Belcher, who got the same time for third place.

Coleman, after his victory at the US Trials, said he started the year with Doha’s gold medal on his mind.
“That’s what I focused in on every single day, gotta attack every practice, gotta attack every workout. Even off the track, I have to attack things in the training room to be prepared to make it there and get a gold medal.”

Justin Gatlin, who has a bye into the Doha 2019 World Championships as the defending champion, skipped the final at the US Trials, is now the gold-medal favourite.

In 2017, Coleman finished second to Justin Gatlin at the world championships — and one spot ahead of Usain Bolt.

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  1. Unfortunate but the time he took tweeting and belittling others excitement in attaining PR’s/PB’s while beating him should have been spent making his whereabouts known


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