The current status (click here for full report) is that most, but not all, of the Verification Criteria have been met. Of the five remaining conditions in the Roadmap, one has been fully met to date (support for the Clean Sport Movement), two others have only been partly met (satisfactory testing, and a solution to the problem of enforcement of provisional suspensions of coaches), and two have not been met at all (acknowledgement of McLaren findings; reinstatement of RUSADA).

Based on the above, the conditions established by the IAAF Council for reinstatement of RusAF to IAAF membership have not yet been met in full. Instead several material conditions remain outstanding, either in whole or in part and as a result the IAAF Council approved the unanimous recommendation of the IAAF Russian Taskforce not to reinstate RusAF until all of the reinstatement conditions the Council has set have been met in full. The Council also approved the Taskforce’s recommendation that the current Verification Criterion that a Russian athlete must undergo at least three tests in the six months prior to international competition be replaced with a requirement that RusAF ensure an effective, intelligent and proportionate test distribution plan is implemented for testing its athletes at the national level, with the Athletics Integrity Unit to determine whether this reinstatement condition has been met.

Commenting on the report, Rune Andersen, independent Chair of the IAAF Russian Taskforce said:“RusAF continue to work hard at reforming Russian track & field, and the Taskforce continues to support those efforts. However, there are several reinstatement conditions still to be satisfied. In particular, RusAF needs the Russian authorities to get RUSADA reinstated and to acknowledge the McLaren findings”.


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