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Edwin Allen High’s head coach Michael Dyke will be honoured at this year’s 123rd Penn Relays Carnival.

The Penn Relays, set for April 27-29 at Franklin Field on the University of Pennsylvania campus, will also honour Leroy Burrell, Ralph Spry, Dr. Robert Beale and Peter Diamond.

According to the Penn Relays, Dyke, coach of the Relays’ dominant girls’ team in the current era, will be Honorary Referee for High School Girls for 2017.

“His teams at Edwin Allen – located in the mountains of Central Jamaica, Clarendon parish – have won six of the past eight sprint relay championships and have 15 overall Championships of America, trailing only the Jamaican rivals Vere Tech and Holmwood,” wrote the meet website.

Edwin Allen won the Girls Champs in Kingston this spring, its fourth team title in a row, defeating 2nd-place Hydel by some 50 points. They have also won 11 individual girls titles at Penn, in the high jump, long jump, discus and hurdles. The 2011 400H winner, Ristananna Tracey, was 5th in the Rio Olympics.


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