Women’s 200m, final

Tori Bowie, first place, 22.25
“I’m satisfied and content with where I am at right now, but this is just a stepping stone to Rio. I know my weaknesses and I know my strong points. I had to execute my race and hold on with what I have.”

“It’s like a dream come true, coming to the Olympic trails and leaving being the champion. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Deajah Stevens, second place, 22.30
“It hasn’t hit me yet. I’m super excited, I’m speechless. I wasn’t expecting this, of course I wanted it but I wasn’t sure. I just went for it.

Jenna Prandini, third place, 22.53
“The whole field was full of amazing girls, so I was honored to get to race with all of them, and I’m just so excited to go to Rio.”

Allyson Felix, fourth place, 22.54
“Honestly, I’m disappointed. All year I planned for this race, and for it to end here, it’s disappointing. But when I look back and see everything that happened, I still think it’s quite amazing that I was able to make this team. I feel like everything was against me.”

“I don’t think I need races at this point. I think I need some work, some rest and recovery, and to take the time that we have just to get back and try to perfect the 400m.”


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