Ristananna Tracey, the new Jamaican 400mh champion, says she feels great with her overall performance of 54.75s at the Supreme Ventures Jamaican Championships at the National Stadium on Friday (1 July).

The former under 20 CARIFTA champion, said she is delighted that she got to execute her game plan today.

“Of course it was my race plan,” she answered to the question about going out fast.

“I just get out for the first three hurdles and maintain and get home as fast as possible.”

Tracey, who for the past couple of seasons, has struggled to get into 54 shape, stated that she feels great about making the team and her performance overall.

Now under the new management of Maurice Wilson, she applauds the GC Foster College-based camp for working really hard to get her in this shape she is now in.

“Well I feel great of course. I’m at a different training camp. I’m now training with Maurice Wilson alongside his assistant Shawn Samuels. They have worked really hard with me because this season I have had a lot of up and downs. I had to lose some weight and all that get strong and it’s impressive that after just one season with them, and to come and run this time.”

Tracey, although admitting it wasn’t the most perfect race because she shuffled over a few of the hurdles, now turns her attention to sharpen things up leading into Rio.


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