MOSCOW – Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) published its official statement after report of WADA independent commission about doping and corruption in Russian athletics.

“Our position is clear. Anyone exposed in using of illegal drugs and anyone, who was conducive to their using in one way or another, has to be banned. If guilty is proved, the solution should be as strict as possible," statement says.

OKR also calls to the IOC and the IAAF to take into account the right of honest athletes when organizations will make any further decisions based on report of special WADA commission. Clean athletes have right to participate in international sports competitions which should not be subject to limitations.

“From our side we are always open for cooperation with all international organizations and we are ready to continue to support any initiatives in fight against doping. This is the only way to save the purity of the sport. OKR will work in this direction in close cooperation with the IOC, WADA, other National Olympic Committees and sports federations. 


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