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A potential firestorm is brewing in US athletics involving shoe sponsor companies Nike and Adidas. Athletes running for Adidas were allegedly barred from wearing the Team USA jersey sponsored by Nike in the men’s 4x100m relay at the Monaco Herculis Diamond League.

The athletes affected were Marvin Bracy and Trell Kimmons who were slated to represent Team USA ‘B’ team.

Both Bracy and Kimmons are Adidas sponsored athletes. Apparently, the only time athletes that have sponsors other than Nike can wear a Team USA kit is at a major championship such as the Olympic Games and the World Championship. Mike Rodgers made these revelations in a post-race interview in Monaco. “I wish our ‘B’ team could run but we had some complications with our federation and Adidas say they couldn’t run. So we need to get that fix or people who sign with Adidas can’t run no relays. They can’t run unless is World Champs or Olympic Games”.

Rodgers noted that he and his teammates were unaware of the situation prior to the race. “We didn’t know until we checked in today, Adidas called and is like none of our athletes can run. We were very upset we didn’t have anybody to race today, it is what it is”.

Nike has a long standing agreement with the USATF which expires in 2040. This is a classic case of whose holding the handle and the blade. It is left to be seen if this powerful struggle between these two giant shoe companies will impact the livelihood of American athletes not sponsored by Nike.

The 4x100m ‘A’ team in Monaco comprising veterans Mike Rodgers, Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin are all sponsored by Nike. Trayvon Bromell who ran the lead off leg will likely get a Nike deal if and when he makes a decision at the end of August about turning professional.


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