By Vijay, TrackAlerts.Com Writer 

The night before the start of the 44th Carifta Games was very rough for several athletes who were forced to sleep on the hotel floor in St. Kitts.

“Some athletes are still without room, they had to sleep on floor and couches at the suites” said our source in St. Kitts.

 Bahamas, Curacao, Guadeloupe and Aruba were forced to sleep in the lobby and other areas of the hotel. 

The Cayman Islands and Dominica are the worst affected by the overbooked hotel in St. Kitts, which is also the home for the touring England cricket team.

According to Cayman Islands’ manager Jenna-Dell Humphrey-Terry, when they arrived at 2pm on Thursday, they were told, “you weren’t booked, then they were booked, for Friday.”

“We paid for accommodation, then when we came to front desk, I had to prove to them that we paid, and even when we brought the receipt, they still didn’t believe we paid.

Humphrey-Terry said after spending several hours with the relevant section on Thursday “they took us somewhere at 2am (Friday) where we slept on the floor on mattresses, 24 of us in two bedrooms on mattresses.”

The experience here is just awful,” she added. 


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