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By Anthony Foster in Pennsylvania

St. Jago High, Holmwood Technical High, Edwin Allen High and Wolmer’s Girls School booked their spots in the final of the High School Girls’ Championship of America 4x100m relay final.

Edwin Allen with Shanice Lewis, Allyiah Hopikns, Shellece Clark and Patrice Moody recorded the day’s fastest time of 46.26.

St. Jago with Tasheena Ewan, Petagay Williams, Shanice Reid, Georgianna Gordon will take the second best time of 47.02 going into the final.

KerryAnn Scott, Shashalee Forbes, Britney Hew and Shantae Deer combined to take Holmwood into the final with 37.30, the third fastest time of the day.     

Wolmer’s (Chris-Ann Bryon, Shauna Helps, Kimberly Leach and Shantae Mcdonald) 47.93 completed the Jamaican teams into the final. 

Herbert Morrison Technical 48.46, Alpha 48.47, StETHS 48.61, Excelsior 48.63, StATHS 49.15, Green Island 49.15, Manchester High 48.36, St. Catherine High 48.49, Queens College of Bahamas 49.50 and St. Francois Girls 49.80 and Bishop Anstey 50.29, both of Trinidad & Tobago 49.80 were other Caribbean teams.

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