The management team for Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson is to sue supplement company Epiphany D1.

According to Athletics Weekly, Doyle Management is seeking US$8 million from the company following his athletes failed drugs tests in 2013.

Both sprinters tested positive for the banned stimulant oxilofrine during the Jamaica National Championships in 2013. They were suspended for 18 months, but appealed to the Swiss-based CAS, which later reduced their bans to six months.

During the CAS hearing it was argued that Epiphany D1 manufacturers had failed to specify in their listed ingredients that oxilofrene was included.

Paul Doyle, the boss at Doyle Management, explained: “We found out later that the supplement company actually put something else on the label that they didn’t put in the product.”

“They put on the label Acacia Rigidula, which is a natural plant that grows in Texas and has a sort of stimulant property just as caffeine would have, but they didn’t actually put that in there, they put oxilofrine in instead.”


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