Warren Weir, Javon Francis and Kerron Stewart got their 2015 campaign off to an impressive start at today’s (14 Feb) Camperdown Classic.

Weir, the Olympic Games 200m bronze medallist, topped his 400m heat in 47.36 seconds St. Jago’s schoolboy Martin Manley 47.86.

However, Javon Francis, winner of heat 2 ahead of Edino Steele, recorded the fastest time of the day 46.36. Steele did 47.12

Delano Williams, representing Great Britain, did the day’s second best time, 46.86.

Annsert Whyte 47.17, Kemar Bailey-Cole 48.65 and Jazeel Murphy 50.97 were also heat winners.

Ristananna Tracey won the women’s 400m in 54.68 while Kerron Stewart topped the heat one in 55.48 for second overall. Asaine Hall was third overall in 55.97.

Schillonie Calvert stopped on the backstretch.


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