Buff Bay are the 2015 Eastern Secondary Schools Association Athletics Championships winners.  The Portland-based school finished the one-day meet, sponsored by LIME, on Tuesday with 642.5 points.

Kevin Brown, coach of Buff Bay, was very happy with the victory. “We worked hard for it.

“I am just happy my boys and girls came out and pulled it off," said Brown.

Dethroned champions St Mary High ended with 591 and Oberlin 469.5. Morant Bay 366.5 and Glengoffe 200 rounded off the top five.

Seaforth High 106, Titchfield High 108, Yallahs High 106, St Thomas Technical 92 and Fair Prospect 91 were the other schools in the top 10.

 St. Mary High’s Class 3 athlete Tameria Howell of St Mary High erased two of 12 records to fall at the time-final meet – 2:20.62 in the 800m and 4:54.58 over 1,500 metres.


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