Athletics Australia is bitterly disappointed that Eric Hollingsworth has chosen to make a statement to the media at a time when our focus as a group should be wholly on supporting our athletes’ performances. 

Hollingsworth issued a media release criticising Sally Pearson saying she had set a bad example for younger athletes by not attending the team's training camp, as he sought to give his version of events during a rift between the coach and Australia's best athlete which has seen the pair estranged for six months.

"He acted without the authority of Athletics Australia and in contravention of the specific instructions of the Chief Executive Officer," said Athletics Australia in a statement.  

"Athletics Australia condemns in the strongest terms his disparaging comments about Sally Pearson and his timing. 

"We have therefore suspended Eric Hollingsworth as an employee of Athletics Australia until such time as the Athletics Australia Board can convene to consider the matter.

"Action in regards to Eric Hollingsworth’s role on the Commonwealth Games Team will be determined by the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, as the body responsible for the team."


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