NASSAU, Bahamas – The Caribbean Alliance Sports Journalists Association (CASJA) supports calls by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) for the organisers of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland to reconsider its decision to charge internet fees for journalists covering the event from July 23 to August 3.

The grouping of Caribbean Journalists notes that this will be a backward step in recent progress made to ensure that journalists are provided the basic amenities like free internet at major sporting events.

CASJA also supports AIPS’ position that the organisers in Glasgow to follow the examples of the previous edition of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India and the recent Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia where internet was available to journalists at no cost.

Additionally, journalists will also have free internet access at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the European Olympic Committee announced plans to replace the normal mixed zone with a new I-Zone for the inaugural European Games in 2015. This plan also includes free Wi-Fi and cable internet at all the venues in Azerbaijan, the host country.

Accredited journalists covering the Commonwealth Games will have to pay a minimum of 95 pounds sterling for wireless internet service while photographers will be charged £265.00. This is totally unacceptable!

The AIPS also noted that even accessing results via the once free service myGamesinfo, will come at a cost to journalists who are already burdened with high costs of travel and accommodation for the Games.

The Commonwealth Games bring together a wide range of people from very different backgrounds including the Caribbean and the role of the media is important in sharing that experience including the exploits of young Caribbean athletes.

Therefore, CASJA joins AIPS in calling for the immediate rescinding of these fees which could affect the attendance of the Caribbean media at the Commonwealth Games.


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