Former world 100m record holder Asafa Powell has been hit with a 18 months ban competition for his positive drugs test.

At the National Senior Championship, June 21, 2013 after the 100m finals, Powell returned positive analytical finding for a stimulant, oxilofrine. He blamed his former Canadian physical trainer Chris Xuereb for positive, which was found in supplements given to him.

Lennox Gayle of JADCO disciplinary panel, said, "having reviewed and listened, and bisected all evidence in this matter, and reading the submissions of both councils, the panel arrived at a unanimous decision and it is a decision that Mr. Powell was found to be negligent and that he was at fault, especially since he is an elite athlete, so the period of ineligibility will be 18 moths, starting from the date of the position test."
Gayle said the ban will up on December 20, 2014.  

JADCO's lawyer Lackston Robinson, who during his closing arguments in front chairman Lennox Gayle, Peter Prendergast and Dr Japheth Ford on February 25, said, Powell is “guilty of gross negligence" and should serve no less than two years.

Robinson, who said at the time he was not convinced that Epiphany D1 contained the substance oxilofrine found in Simpson’s sample, also discredited Caritox, a lab at UWI Report, given by Prof Wayne McLaughlin and questioned the "honesty" of the evidence given by agent Paul Doyle.

Powell, on his instagram page late Wednesday night, "May your worst tomorrow be better than your best yesterday.


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