The organizers of the Central Hurdles & Relays Championship, wishes to inform all athletes, coaches and the general public that due to circumstances beyond our control, the 2014 staging of the event is officially cancelled.

In a release Friday night, the organizers stated: "We know that this is one of the preferred meet for most school teams, based on the quality of the events that we offered. Because of two (2) major factors, we have to take this tough decision with the hope that things will be back on stream for the 2015 staging."

The factors are listed below:

Factors # 1 – VENUE
The safety of our athletes is always a major priority for us and because of the deplorable condition of the G.C Foster track, we have decided not to risk the safety of our athletes by running them on that track.

Factor # 2 – FUNDING (Sponsorship)
The effective running of a quality meet is not possible without the assistance of sponsors. This has been a challenge every year and with this year even more challenging as we have not yet garnered the commitment to financially cover the meet.

The release continued: "On a positive note, we hope that the G.C Foster track will be refurbished sometime this calendar year. With this in mind, we look forward to a new track for next year’s staging.

"We want to thank you all for your support over the years and apologize for the inconvenience this cancellation might cause to your preparation and schedule. We hope you will be able to make the necessary adjustment to your schedule."


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