Yupun Abeykoon

LA CHAUX DE FONDS (SUI, Jul 3): The 42nd edition of the Resisprint meet at favorable altitude (WACT Challenger) again registered super-fast sprint times. First in the men´s 100 meters final, Sri Lanka’s Yupun Abeykoon clocked a national record of 9.96 (+1.6w).

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As Jon Mulkeen points out, he becomes the first athlete from South Asia to run sub-10. Sri Lanka becomes the 32nd country with a sub-10 sprinter, and Yupun is the 167th member of the sub-10 club. Second was Cuban Reynier Mena with a 9.99-second personal best (missed the national record by only 0.01) and third, Frenchman Meba-Mickael Zeze also with a personal-best 9.99; fourth was German Lucas Ansah-Peprah, who achieved a national Under-23 record of 10.04.

Even more sensational was the 200 meters, as Cuban Reynier Mena hugely improved the national record to 19.63 seconds (+1.2w), the third-best of 2022 and tieing the tenth-best ever performer. Meba-Mickael Zeze again had a personal record of 19.97, this time also a European lead and becoming the 13th European with a sub-20 time. Third was Filippo Tortu in 20.15.

Line Kloster won the 400-meter hurdles in a Norwegian-record 53.91 (she also won her 200 meters race with a windy 22.51 +2.5w) ahead of Finland´s Vivi Lehikoinen 55.57. An Israeli record was set in the women’s 100 meters by Diana Vaisman 11.06 (+1.8w) ahead of Dafne Schippers’ 11.13.

In the 200 meters, Namibian young star Beatrice Masilingi returned from injury with 22.29 (+1.9w) followed by Anna Kielbasinska 22.76 (equaling a lifetime best) who earlier won the 400 meters in 50.31. Isaac Makwala topped the 400 meters in 45.03; Cuban Roger Iribarne won the 110-meter hurdles with a 13.26 personal best (+1.7w) and German Joshua Abuaku ran a 48.80 personal best in the 400-meter hurdles ahead of Frenchman Victor Collorer (49.11 lifetime best).

Belgian Anne Zagre won the women’s hurdles in 12.95 (+0.7w) with a windy 12.80 (+2.1)w in the heats.

In technical events, Hongkong´s  Chan Ming Tai 800 (+1.7w) in the long jump, homegirl Angelica Moser cleared 4.40 meters in the pole vault and Lithuanian Dovile Kilty leapt 14.17 (+3.1w, legal 13.98) in the triple jump.

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