Christopher Taylor into the Tokyo 2020 400m final for Kamila Skolimowska Memorial --- wins at Millrose Games
Christopher Taylor into the Tokyo 2020 400m final

The 2021 Kamila Skolimowska Memorial LIVE Results and Schedule of several of the world’s biggest names in track and field are posted and available for viewing below:

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who will run the women’s 100m, Hansle Parchment, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 110m hurdles champion, is down to start in his pet event, are just some of the big names in Poland.

Christopher Taylor and Karayme Bartley are down to contest the men’s 400m, with Deon Lendore of Trinidad and Tobago and Americans Michael Cherry and Vernon Norwood.

12 Jamaicans are down for Kamila Skolimowska Memorial on Sunday. 

15:05  Javelin Throw / Oszczep M 
15:05  Javelin Throw W / Oszczep K 
15:15  400 m pł W / K  [s]
15:20  Shot Put Disabled M / Kula Niepełn. 
15:25  400 m pł M  [s]
15:30  High Jump W / Wzwyż K 
15:40  100m W / K RaceRunning  [s]
15:50  Pole Vault / Tyczka M 
16:00  3000 m M  [s]
16:25  100 m M RaceRunning  [s]
16:30  Shot Put W / Kula K 
16:40  100 m Disabled W / Niepełn. K  [s]
16:45  Hammer Throw / Młot M 
16:45  Hammer Throw W / Młot K 
17:05  100 m pł W / K  [s]
17:10  High Jump / Wzwyż M 
17:15  1000 m K  [s]
17:30  110 m pł M  [s]
17:45  100 m W / K  [s]
17:50  Shot Put / Kula M 
18:00  800 m M  [s]
18:15  Discus Throw / Dysk M 
18:20  200 m M  [s]
18:35  400 m M  [s]
18:50  400 m W / K  [s]
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