Elaine Thompson-Herah blazes to historic double-double at Tokyo 2020 - Puerto Rico Classic Live Stream
Thompson-Herah blazes to historic double-double at Tokyo 2020

tokyo 2020 alertsBoth Flo Jo and Usain Bolt may have something to do with Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah shattering the 33-year-old Olympic record over the 100m and becoming the world’s fastest woman over the 200.

In an interview with her husband Deron Herah, a former 400m hurdler with Texas Tech University, he shares “During the pandemic, she started studying Usain Bolt & Flo-Jo’s record-breaking performances bit by bit. She used that to become an even better student of her events.”

“She told me she was confident some of those records can be broken, so to get the Olympic record and to be that fast over the 200m has given her a lot of confidence.”

Thompson Herah, a huge fan of Usain Bolt’s exploits on the track, also paid attention to aspects of his legendary races.

“He isn’t typically a great starter, so she looked at how he maintains his composure to finish his races. Elaine also noticed that Usain does a lot of self-talk to calm his nerves and so she channels that as well,” he shares.

The Stephen Francis coached Thompson-Herah is, in her husband’s estimation, a great student of the sport,

“To me, her level of focus and passion is unmatched. She has always been great at running the event, but with continuous rehabilitative work on her Achilles and her sights set on even more records, the sky’s the limit for her.”


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