tokyo 2020 alertsWorld discus silver medallist Fedrick Dacres is among five Jamaican athletes yet to arrive in Japan for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Doha 2019 World Championships discus medalist Dacres will travel from Jamaica on Sunday to join the team, which arrived three days ago in Tokyo.

Dacres will be in action on the first day, 29 July, at 7:45 pm (Jamaica time) for the qualification round.

Christopher Taylor, who is down to contest the men’s 400m, and Aisha Praught-Leer is the lone entry in the women’s 1500m, are also yet to arrive.
The men’s 400m heats will run Saturday, 31 July at 8:45 pm. The 4x400m heats is the day before, Friday, 30 July at 6:00 am.

Praught-Leer will be in action on Sunday, 1 August, at 7:45 pm.

Shian Salmon and Danielle Williams, both 400m hurdles and 100m hurdles reserves, are scheduled to arrive in Japan on Sunday, 25 July.

Praught-Leer is also nursing a torn meniscus is still determined to compete.

She issued a release via social media, sections of which is below:

“I will line up in Tokyo. When I arrive, I’ll get the fluid drained from my knee and get a cortisone injection (this is legal, and my surgeon understands and supports me in this).

I want to keep believing in the possibility of achieving the wild dreams I store deep in my heart. The reality is they will not happen in Tokyo—running to my ability is simply not possible on a knee without stability. This is the most challenging reality I have faced in my career.

We did nothing wrong. As I said, this was a freak accident. But now, all of my silent work, the beautiful, hard-earned fitness, does not have a chance to see the light of day. The triumph I have visualized so vividly is—poof—gone in one step.

I understand this is sport—just sport. I know the truth that I am more than an athlete. But this sport means everything to me. This is my life’s work, my purpose and my first true love. I am heartbroken.

But I am also grateful my life is buoyed by unrelenting and unconditional love. Today I woke up loving myself (even my stupid-ass left knee), and I consider this a small victory.”


  1. What’s the point of arriving this late? What if they are tested positive for the virus? Wouldn’t it make more sense to arrive early to have a chance of RECOVERING in time?

  2. Or unless they really smart and for the past month they been operating and training on Japan time so it won’t matter when they get there. They will already be adjusted.


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