Last week, Doha Diamond League organizers announced Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sha'Carri Richardson, and Marie-Josee Ta Lou will face-off in the women's 100m.

Olympic Games sprint double champion Elaine Thompson-Herah has pulled out of another 100m showdown, this time Friday’s (28 May) Doha Diamond League meeting.

Last week, organizers announced Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sha’Carri Richardson, and Marie-Josee Ta Lou will face-off in the women’s 100m.

However, when the entry list came out on Monday (24 May), Thompson-Herah’s name was missing. Thompson-Herah also withdrew days before last Sunday’s (23 May) clash in Gateshead. She would have faced Richardson, Dina Asher-Smith and Fraser-Pryce.

Thompson-Herah, who won the Rio 2016 100m and 200m titles, is the second-fastest woman in the world this year with 10.78 seconds.

Fraser-Pryce, the Doha 2019 world champion, ran the 100m for the first time in Gateshead, where she finished fourth in 11.51.

Richardson lost the clash in Gateshead to Great Britain’s Asher-Smith, 11.33 to 11.44 in the pouring rain. She has already switched her focus to Doha.

“I am definitely looking forward to some sunshine next week in Doha,” Richardson said.

Richardson, who was losing for the first time since the USA Trials in 2019, has dominated the year with 10.72, 10.74 and 10.77.
Richardson’s 10.72 makes her the 6th best all-time world performer and No. 4 on the all-time U.S. performer list. Only world record holder Florence Griffith-Joyner, Carmelita Jeter and Marion Jones have ever run faster as Americans.

Jamaicans Fraser-Pryce and Thompson Herah, both with 10.70, are the only two non-American to run fastest than 10.72.

See the 100m Women ENTRY LIST BELOW:
SB      PB
AHOURÉ, Murielle 11.44 10.78
CUNLIFFE, Hannah 11.07 10.99
DEL PONTE, Ajla 11.81 11.08
FRASER-PRYCE, Shelly-Ann 11.51 10.70
OKAGBARE, Blessing 10.97 10.79
OLIVER, Javianne 10.97 10.97
RICHARDSON, Sha’Carri 10.72 10.72
TA LOU, Marie-Josée 11.48 10.85

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  1. The waggonists dem love to make stupid comments and show off dem bad mind and dutty heart. Did they not see what happen to Wade Van Niekerk at the Boston meet this past weekend? He tried to run too fast with an injury that is not properly healed and pulled up. A diss unu wan happen to ET?.

  2. Some a unu Jamaicans are a set of vipers! When she(Elaine) was winning championships you all were basking in the glory but now tht she’s having setbacks unu a gi har basket a water fi carry…Set a disloyal reprobates unu💅🏾

  3. Since when does that matter. History would show that in the past certain athletes stayed away from one another at certain meets until they were either ready to run or if the price was right😜especially before big games such as the Olympics or World Champs

  4. Thompson already knows she has the speed from her 10.78. No need to risk injury in a head to head with Richardson at this time of the year. Will also be more money to be had in a match up later in the season

    • why you people always try to downplay other people’s opinion, they asked a question, if the had known what had happen, the question wouldn’t be out there, so everybody is entitled to their own opinion, what if i am correct ?, and she is not just ready to meet this kind of field so quickly, this field was like the olympic finals already, and its just a matter of opinions, we all are entitled to.

  5. Giving her one and only self time to heal,den she agoh weeell an come aghen come light up the 🔥🔥🔥 the track … Elaine and Shelly side by side=bonfyah…. scary scorching 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  6. The worst injuries to get rid of are the ones in your head. When an injury accure to a person in spots on any part of the body , the comeback is more difficult for some . The brain will have to heal first

  7. She has an injury that has to be carefully managed. It is an injury where there is no permanent solution and she wants to be at her very best at the Olympics. I do not know what a double Olympic champion has to be scared about. She is the current Olympic double sprint champion with nothing to prove. Afraid of who?

    • In that stiff breeze Nd rain it was a good victory but at the games the weather will b very sunny nd the track I hear is super quick I think if shacarri can qualify herself Elaine and Shelley will threaten to go under 10.7 as for Dina I dnt know that she’s got a 10.75 in her Nd u will need to go under 10.8 to medal seemingly

  8. I would like to see all the best run against eachother in every single race – just for my own excitement. I believe both SAFP and DAS have said that this, too, is what they would prefer.

    • Honestly though I’m not sure why ppl mention Dina for the 100 coz she will need to go a lot faster if she’s to challenge at the games unless of course the weather changes now the 200 that’s a different story

  9. I’ll just remind you’ll of the meets going up to the show down for the last Olympics. God work in mysterious ways. Nothing will ever happen before time. Just saying!!


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